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calling all CO-SLEEPERS!!!! Lock Rss

anybody else out there that has their kids in their room?
how do you manage differing sleep needs?
ethen is 25 months, oliver is 9 months and breastfed, both are in their own cots in our room.
I wont bother getting into our issues unless i know there is someone out there that also shares a room (or bed) with their kids!!!

Hi there!

I'm a fan of co sleeping, especially when breastfeeding. When my first was a baby (he will be 3 in a couple of days) he never slept day or night so I had him in bed with me and then when he needed a feed I'd just roll onto my side and he'd feed then got back to sleep! That was the only way I could get any sleep! But I fell pregnant again when he was 10mths old and by then he was in his own room but he was waking every 2 hours through the night so I really had to do something before my second was born. I did a lot of hard work and by 18mths he was sleeping (thank god)!! When my second son was born (he's nearly 17mths) he was an awesome sleeper, sleeping 9hrs straight by 6wks!!! But my luck changed when he reached 4mths and the ear infections started along with teething etc etc! So I did the same thing and had him in bed with me and when he needed a feed he just fed when he wanted to!

My first son is now a pretty good sleeper, on an average waking once through the night. My second on the other hand still wakes any where between 1 to 4 times a night sometimes taking an hour or more to re settle him. I get so tired so I end up having him in my bed and he'll sleep pretty good! I am however getting sick of having him in my bed because he's got an obsession for playing with my hair to go to sleep and I've tired EVERYTHING to get him out of it and because of this he wont settle for anyone else at night!

Anyway I don't think there's anything wrong with co sleeping. I just think you need to do what feels right for you and what works for you and whatever gets you through. I read this book called "Helping your Baby to Sleep Why Gentle Techniques Work" I'll have to get back to you with the Author cos I cant find the book at the moment. But that really helped me not to feel guilty about co sleeping, it made co sleeping make sense! You'll understand if you read it!

Well, now that I've written a novel I'll wish you good luck. I'm about to try to get tough with my 17mth old so I can get some sleep!

Hi there,

I had my son Jaden 16months in our bed until four nights ago. Won't go into detail but if you look at my posts "Please help m..." I went in depth on what I did, but in our bed our son woke every 1-2hrs and would only settle with a breastfeed. We put him in his own room and own cot, and though he did cry a little, every time he woke up during the night he would fall back asleep within 10mins however in our bed I would have to feed him or walk around patting him for up to 40mins. So although I did enjoy co-sleeping, he is more settled during the night when in his own cot and room, but there definitely still is the crying as soon as his bedtime routine starts. Hope this helps.


We're co-sleepers too but now that my son is 20 months my husband turned the cot into a toddler bed and put it side by side with our bed. Its nice to have our bed back but my son has dummy issues (ie. looking for it at night so i have to quickly pop it back in) so we are happy to co-sleep for now.]

Also to the other mum who's son is obsessed with her hair, my son does EXACTLY the same thing.. he plays with my hair, twirling it even with his toes, puts it all over his face and nose to get to sleep and it was starting to get frustrating so now i let him bring a little ball or toy in his bed to hold while he falls asleep just so he doesnt play with my hair! it's worked so far!


Hi, I co-sleep with my daughter 16months. She was sleeping well in her cot in her own room until she was able to start rolling around and waking herself up. She would take so long to get back to sleep in her cot, I mean it could be hours. If I picked her up and put her in our bed she would be back to sleep in mins. I was doing that but after a while I would get sick of waking every night that I would just put her to bed in our bed then after a while go back to putting her in the cot again. Now I am over that, she doesnt want to sleep there. I dont worry now as I want to put her in a big bed soon anyway so dont see the point fighting with the cot.
To be honest I love co-sleeping. It wasnt planned this way but I like her being there when I go to bed knowing she is alright and although she wakes early I love waking up to kisses and cuddles. I have read a lot of things supporting it, so Im happy to do it.
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