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Hi all, just wondering what do you do with a 2 year old who cries and talks in their sleep but it doesnt wake him up?

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My nearly 3 year old son talks a lot in his sleep and sometimes it wakes him up. When he does lots of talking in his sleep he's having a fairly restless night and tends to wake up to go to the toilet or for some milk. I just figured it was fairly normal as my brother used to talk in his sleep and sleep walk. My son also grinds his teeth fair bit in his sleep, this worries me a bit but I'm unsure what I can do.
I haven't experienced this at all, but I would think that if it's not waking him up there's probably nothing to worry about
sometimes my son talks in his sleep and i dont do anything because he is not distressed, sometimes he actually laughs.
there are sometimes where he cries or screams out but when i go in there he is asleep, i usually sit there and reasure him that im here n pat him til he settles back down. i put it down to him having a bad dream.

Danni, WA,

I am very interested in this topic too, as this is the soul reason I am on the forum, to try to find out more about this...

My 13 month old daughter cries in her sleep every night (usually within an hour of falling asleep). But no matter how much she cries, she doesn't wake up. Sometimes it's just lite crying and we just sit with her in her room to watch over her.

Other times it's hysterical crying, tears and showing signs of being really upset (not tanrum, upset or hurt like she has fallen over) On these occassions we wake her up to settle her down in case it's a nightmare. (I know I would want to be woken from a nightmare)

I have asked the Doctor and consulted the Internet. All say that its ok. But I find it distressing. I worry that she is having bad dreams. During the day she a very happy, bubbly child. This is the only wierd thing.

I'm new to this mum this normal? Will it stop? Should I worry or just keep watching over her?
my ds is 2 and occassionally does this.. i think its probably just a nightmare or his bein unsettled..

mickeybelle im no expert but i think after about the first 40 mins or so of sleep is wen she goes into the deep dreaming sleep.. so i guess they are nightmares of some sort.. i agree its alil weird. sorry im not being much help
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