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Big bed at what age. Lock Rss

Hi all,

Just wanting to know how early you put your little ones in a big bed??? and if you think the earlier the better??

DD is 12 months and we are expectin no2 in May so we want her all sorted out in her big girl bed by then. We were thinking of putting her in mid Feb so she will be diffinantly sorted by the time bubs comes. She wont be changing rooms so i think that might be a bonus.

How did u all go with it??

Thanks smile

We put DD into a big bed when she was 17 months cos she was waking herself up banging around in the cot and to get her ready for when DD2 needs the cot. For a while we gave her the choice between bed and cot and she swopped between the two. Mostly in her new bed though. When she was in the bed we put the cot mattress on the floor in case she fell out. The novelty of being able to get out of bed eventually wore off (took about 2 weeks though) and now she mostly just lies down and goes to sleep. Now DD2 sometimes sleeps in the cot and DD1 likes to poke her and wake her up. sad
my boys are coming up to 2 years and 3 years old, and they are both still in a cot. when ds2 came i just bought a 2nd cot, i like the idea that they cant get out of it! lol. ds1 can now climb out though so i am thinking about putting them both into big beds now. im just terrified of them waking up at 4.00 am every morning and walking into my room to play!


thats a good question. my bubs 11months old and am thinking about when to put him in a cot.
Hes not walking yet so i will be waiting untill then, but he tries to get out of his cot now and i often walk in and he is standing up with a big smile to great me when i walk into get him lol.
but i have a bed with sides on it for when i do make the transition for him. its a racing car bed.
My DS was transfered into the big bed at 14 months just after he started walking, we moved house at around the same time so just did the move all at once..... he is now 22 months soetimes he will wake in the night and call out to me but not come and will fall back to sleep himself...other times he wil lget out and come and get me to go in bed with him....
My DS was in a big bed at 9 months. He managed to be able to climb out of the cot we had for him so i thought the move was appropriate. Had no issues with falling out with him.
My DD was 15 months.. We were worried about her falling out of bed because of how seemingly erratic she slept but she did fine, she fell out maybe once every few days for about 2 weeks. We moved her because her lil brother had to be moved from the bassinet to the cot. But i probably would have moved her anyway.
My little DS is still in a cot. Not sure when ill be ready to move him.

We didnt put DD1 into a big bed till she was a bit over 2 1/2, she was sleeping well and wasnt climbing or even trying to climb out of it. Mind you we didnt have any need to move her either with me only just having had another baby. We did move her five months before baby came along and she took to it brilliantly mind you she's older and we talked about it and went shopping for it etc.

I'd recommend getting a safety rail thing - you can get them in Toys R Us, Big W, baby shops for around $40 or $50 and get a bed that's fairly low to the ground so they can get in and out.... speaking of which be prepared for a bit of that smile Our DD got over that in about a week but cant say how a 1 year old would go.

Have heard of people getting the big bed and leaving the cot in the room so they do day sleeps in the bed at first and then gradually move to doing both day and night.
My Ds was about 19months when he went into a big bed. It has been about 6 months now and I wish he was still in the cot!
It is a nightmare. Sometimes he is really good, but mostly it takes him atleast half an hour to go to sleep, sometimes up to 2 hours. And that is after 6 months.

But every child is different of course.

i am due with #2 in may so we took the side of his cot off to get him use to it before his big bed arrives.

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Mum kell! That is a nightmare you poor thing! you must get run down!
I am bout to have #3, i put ds1 into a big bed at 18mths and he coped (one side against wall so we only bought1 rail), we put a gate up for a couple of weeks so he couldn't escape! (and started w huggies 2,4,6 sleep routine again) but dd1 is such a wriggle worm im wondering how she will go, that and she has to share w new bub! i just don't want to have to buy two cots, cos id like to try to do it like ds1!

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We have just put our 21 mth DS in a bed. We tried a toddler bed which is low to the ground and fits a cot mattress. It has a rail that covers half the bed and he'd still fall out. We'd find him during the night and in the morning on the floor or on the mattress we put next to his bed. Now we have a racing car bed with sides all the way to the end but the back of it is low so he can climb out himself. He loves it and it's so much more comfortable for him because it has a proper single mattress.
we just bought a toddler bed today and our boy is nearly 13 months. will see how he goes. its interesting to see the age ranges. iw as worried we were doing it too early but he sleep so much better in our bed even when we are not in it with him.

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