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tired & frustrated - HELP Rss

Where do I start?! My 2 1/2year old won't sleep thru the night. I live in a 1 bedroom flat with my 3 sons, so we are all in the one room. I've finally got the twins (3mths old) sleeping thru the night (they top'n'tail in their cot) but Lucas just won't! Last night he woke up 3 or 4 times, he climbs onto my bed, I put him back in his bed, give him a kiss, tell him to go to sleep usually he does but sometimes he starts screaming his head off. It's so friggin frustrating coz he's continually interupting my sleep just when I was finally getting some! At 6.30p.m he brushes his teeth has a drink of water and we have a story, song and I tuck him in then go downstairs and he plays with his teddies for a little while then goes off to sleep by himself. I give the twins their last feed at 10, they go down, and then I go to bed. Lucas can wake up anytime after 1.00 and then continues to get up every hr to 2 hrs and my eyeballs are starting to fall out!!! In the end I usually end up giving him a big smack on his bum and he'll cry for about 30 secs then go to sleep until 7am. My husband left about 6 weeks ago and I worry that I'm going to end up beating the crap out of my son because there's no one else who can take over when I feel like I'm losing it, a couple of times I've dressed him in warm clothes made him a bed on the doorstep outside (we live in the country) and closed the door on him just to get him out of my face so I can try and get control of myself. I let him back in once he's stopped screaming. I don't know what to do, please somebody give me some suggestions.

Mummy to Lucas 11.10.03, Josiah & William 14.12.05

I'm sorry I don't have any great words of wisdom for you only that your not alone. My partner and I broke up last week any Maya doesnt sleep through. At the moment she is sick and waking hourly from about 11pm and then wanting to get up at 4am. I dont know how you cope with twins as well, you poor thing. You really need some help. Are you still in contact with your husband? He needs to pull his finger out and take the kids a couple of nights a week so that when you do have them you are more patient. I know its hard to deal with them sometimes but you really need to be patient with your little guy. It's not his fault that he hasn't mastered the art of sleeping yet, and he would still be feeling sad after his daddy leaving. Maybe you could set up a cot/ portacot or bed downstairs for him, if he wakes, rather then get cranky, ignore him. You have to get some help though... any family or friends?? Maybe you could contact your community baby nurse and talk to her, she might have some suggestions on getting help... Good Luck, My heart goes out to you and your little boy!

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Oh dear, my heart really goes out to you. You really need some help. Not only are you dealing with the birth of twins, a 2 1/2 year old but a major change in r'ships. And no doubt your son is also dealing with this too. Have you talked to your health nurse, or a social worker? He may be feeling insecure becasue his father isnt around, and so he wants to be near you where he is secure.

Good luck and please let us know how you go.

(It may be better for YOU to go outside rather than your son, just in case he runs off also it wont make him feel secure when he just wants to know that you wont be leaving him too)

Please get some help!

3 under 3- 15 month gaps. Busy but loving it eìí?

Just as another point of practicality.
*I know that kids respond well to routine. Esp if there is other things in their lives that are not stable. it makes their life predictable. I know that if our life is not predictable my 2 1/2 year old is up at night. Can you sit down and write out a routine that inc your twins so that you can have 1:1 with your twins 1:1 with your toddler and some time to yourself. If you want help with specifics just leave a post. I may be able to help.
*You might also like to create a star chart for staying in bed overnight. Make it positive. Also by 1am he has already had 6 hours sleep. That is why earlier I suggested that he go to bed closer to 7, he might not need as much sleep now he is getting older. But you can be the judge of that.
* As for time out spot, a friend of mine kiddi proofed her laundry and uses it as a time out spot for her 2 1/2 year old. We use the corner in our house. And he has to stay there till we come and get him. It is usually only 2 minutes though.

We went through a stage recently that we were up at least for 4 hours straight each night with out 2 1/2 year old, and after 2 weeks he stopped. It got to the point where I was convinced that he had worms that were waking him up at night, so we wormed him. It didnt make any difference, but it ruled that casue out anyway.

It would be hard to have everyone in such a small space. Is there any opportunity for a bigger unit?


Please post soon

3 under 3- 15 month gaps. Busy but loving it eìí?

Hi mummyluv

I know it must be very hard , but there has to be help out there for you?

It sounds awful to put a 2yr old outside!! I am sorry if that sounds harsh but your son's dad has left and he is probably scared that you are going to leave him too, and to smack him and put him outside is horrible.

Please You need to find some help quickly!!

I am sorry, I know it is frustrating and you are tired but there are better ways to settle him, he needs love and comfort. Not to be put aside coz its too hard.

Good luck

eìí? DD Haley 2 yrs old eìí?

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