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16 mths and climbing out of her cot! Rss

My 16 mth old girl has been climbing out of her cot for about a 4mth old has almost grown out of his bassinet, do I buy a toddler bed or another cot?I know buying another cot is a waste of money ,but she still moves around alot in her sleep and Im scared she will fall out of a bed.
Is she ready???

Mia,16mths an 4mths

I'd put her in a normal single bed. My DD went in her bed at 17 months because she was climbing out of the cot. You can buy the braces that clip onto the side of the bed to stop them rolling out. I never used one, I just put another pillow at the side of the bed. If she moved around she tended to follow the pillow.
Definately buy a bed. I think as soon as they learn to climb out of the cot, it's time for a bed. It doesn't matter about the age.
I used the bed rails (I think they were made by Safety 1st) for my daughter. She never fell out. Or maybe you could buy one of the wooden beds that have a bit of a side to them. They are more common in a car shape, but I've seen them in fairys or a pink barbie car.

bindi - mum of two

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