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Getting to sleep alone Lock Rss

I have a 2 1/2 year old she cant go to sleep by herself. I use to cuddle her to sleep when she was a baby, now she is in a single bed but i still have to lay there till she goes to sleep. Wondering if anyone can help me to get her to bed without having to lay there myself. Thanks
Does she have a blankie or toy she sleeps with? When my DD (3yrs) doesn't want to sleep I put her in bed and sit next to her on the bed or floor. We have a deal that she gets a story and a song and then I leave the room. The hall light stays on and her door stays open. Once I leave the room I say I'll be back and do go back every 5 minutes and pat her back for a second then leave again and repeat till asleep. My DD used to cuddle her largest teddy because I think that was most similar to me or her dad! Now she cuddles nothing or her favourite toy of the day. Persistence is needed with this one. If we have a real bad day where she screams about going to bed I'll tell her to lie down on her Barbie lounge on the floor and close her eyes. She soon falls asleep and gets moved to bed.
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