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my daughter goes to bed to late Lock Rss

Hi my daughter is 2 1/2 years old and she has been sleeping in my bed from 8 months old. She won't go to bed until we do and it has to be in my bed. She goes to bed about 10:30pm. So also refuses to sleep in her bed even if i sleep with her. She just won't sleep in her bed and it is driving me crazy. she also won't fall asleep on the couch if we turn the lights off and don't talk to her. Its like she isn't tired until that time. I don't know what to do. Please help. Thanks
Hi Taysmum.

My son slept with me for over 12 months (8-18months) until one day I watched the super nanny and I was determined to get him into his cot.
I wanted my nights back and my time to relax.

I work days and hubby works nights so it became comfort for both my son and I to sleep together.

I tried the Supernanny technique of sitting in the room until bubby fell asleep. (slowly edging to the door until he was completely asleep) It was very hard the first 3 nights.

Crying/screaming/throwing stuff out the cot etc.
The first night took 50mins for Luke to go to sleep.
The second night took 40mins and the third took 25mins.

We've had our ups and downs in the past 4 months with his sleeping but I can put Luke in his cot now and only 50% of the time I'll need to sit in the doorway (so he can see me) and he's asleep in 10-15mins.

It's hard to master this technique at first and it's really horrible to have to listen to your baby cry but "Don't give up"..."Dont pick bubby up once you've made the decision to do this". Once you pick them up it's like there've won. It does get easier and you'll get you life back at night.

Luke hasn't slept in our bed for 4 months now and It's heaven. The first night he slept in his cot was the first night I was able to give my husband a cuddle.... Usually I had a growth lying between us. lol

Good luck and hope I've given you some positive feedback.


my little guy slept in our bed for the first few months but then i put him in his cot in our room, maybe this idea would be best to start with.. Have her bed in the room with you guys, then gradually move it out into her own room..
Also with the "late bed time" thing.. my little guy is 22months old and he doesn't go to bed til about 10pm.. I actually don't have a problem with this cause i'm a night owl, so don't go to bed til really late.. It works good for us cause it means he doesn't get up in the morning til around 8.30.. at the earliest..
If it isn't a problem with you then don't worry to much, if it is a problem then gradually bring her bedtime forward by 30mins each couple of nights.. Also does she have a daytime sleep?? maybe that is keeping her up later??
Hope i've been of some let us know how you go!!

Foley 03/05/04, Corbin 13/04/07

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