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20mth Old Toddler With Transitional Cot ... HELP PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Rss

Hi there. I would love some advice please. My 20mth old yesterday climbed out of his cot and gave me a heck of a fright. After reading lots of posts, I see this is about the normal age to do this. We have one of those transitional cots that convert into a bed by dropping the rail off ... this is all good, but how do you get your toddler to stay in the new look cot? He's got lots of cushioning on the floor in case/when he falls out. Does anyone have any tips for keeping toddler in bed without tantrums and so on??? I would love this to be as peaceful transition as is possible and I would love some advice. Thank you very much.

Ethan's mama

Hey there,

I bumped the thread about this issue to the top for you.

Good luck

Narelle, Melbourne, 4 yr old and 18mth old boys

i was in the same situation as you are only 2-3months My little one "hurled" himself, headfirst, out of his cot!! So i converted it into the toddler bed.. He then thought it was a game to get out of his cot.. he would do this over and over.. So i started sitting in the room with him, anytime he was about to get out of the bed, i would tell him he had to stay in bed, as it was time to sleep.. At first, i had to say this many times a night, and again when he woke during the but he soon got the idea, i then started sitting outside the door, if he got out of bed and came to the door, i'd tell him the same thing..
I think it's just a matter of repetition and persistance.. He will get the idea, just don't give up, cause you will just have to start all over again!!lol
Oh, and now my little guy is sleeping great in his "big boy" bed.. Hope this was some help to you!! Good luck, hope it all goes well!!

Foley 03/05/04, Corbin 13/04/07

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