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keeps waking crying at night help Lock Rss


till few weeks ago my son used to fall asleep on my lap but we had him get used to falling asleep in his bed with me sitting next to him in chair and him holding my finger (so cute).

until few nights ago he was good, if he wke at night he would have water and usually go to sleep without much fuss.

past 3-4 nights when he wakes at night (now 2-3 times) its so hard to put him to sleep, he'll cry and cry and few times i had to take him out and go to lounge put tv on till he gets sleepy.

he is teething (2 k9 bottoms are coming out) but it cant all be that, we have given him panadol before bed and it didnt help.

am i doing something wrong? is there other ways to help him settle without getting him out and him crying forever?

Tania and Jaiden

How old?
Do you have a night light so the room isn't too dark?
Do you use a dummy?
A comfort toy?

Perhaps a faint musical chime/light that comes on when he cries...

My sons all found sucking a dummy very soothing while they were teething. As the teeth get bigger they can cause more problems so it could just be the always seems to be worse at night! He may be crying out for comfort.

Is he waking and realising you're not there? Perhaps he needs to learn to self settle...

Has something happened in the home or a change of your routine that may have unsettled him?
Again, how old?

Can't offer much else...

Hi JanieQ,

Thanks for your reply and all the helpful advice.

well he is 20 months, we dont have light on in his room but he is used to that, we keep his door slighlty open.

he does use a dummy for sleep but most times he wakes up he still has the dummy so thats not the waking issue.

as few weeks back we started putting him into his cot to fall asleep on his own (he used to sleep on my lap then i put him into cot) , after few days of getting used to for 2 or 3 days he slept from 10pm to 9am without waking, so i figured he is good at self settling. then the waking up started. he is teething (cut 2 top k9's and bottom 2 are coming out) but like i said it cant all be the problem...can it? if it is what can i do to help him sleep through it.

Tania and Jaiden

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