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how do you get a 2 year to sleep throught

melita sleepless in brisbane

not sure why your little one is waking during the night so it's alittle hard to give but i've found that if i leave my little guy for afew minutes before responding, he usually resettles himself.. unless there is something really wrong of corse.. It took awhile for him too do this though.. i started out waiting just 2 mins b4 going to him.. then after resettling him, i'd leave him again this time if he cried out again, i'd wait 4mins.. each time extending it by 2mins... After afew nights he realised i wasn't gonna come staight away. but also that i was still around and hadn't gone anywhere.. so now he just settles himself..
Hope that's been of some help..Lol
Good Luck on geeting some much needed sleep!

Foley 03/05/04, Corbin 13/04/07

try to do some routine at night time and make it fun. for instance, every night at 7.30 my daughter stands in front of the tv and watches fat cat go to sleep, then she will brush her teeth or if its bath time she will have a bath straight after fat cat. then my husband takes her outside and shows her mr moon and says goodnight to it, give him or her a drink before bed. then when its time to go to bed tuck him/her in bed . if u have a tape deck put some soothing music on to listen to. i'm probably not much help to u. good luck

philippa mum of Charley chicken

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