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22 month old turned into do Jekyll! Lock Rss

My little angel that was has recently turned into a jealous tantrum playing lil devil since bringing his little brother home 2 weeks ago.

Up until 3 days/nights ago my 22 month old would go to bed in the day and at night with no issues, but all of a sudden has decided that he wants hugs of mummy and daddy all day and night! Needless to say this is somewhat draining me with having to get up and feed the new arrival too.

I am involving him in the baby and his routine hasn't changed at all. We have tried the nice approach and hugs, we have tried not talking going in laying him back down and leaving but as soon as we walk in now he puts himself back down on his pillow!

Can someone please give me some hints, I am so desperate.

For a period of time Erynn did really well with self settling at bed time but just in the last month has needed cuddles again. Spending a few extra minutes with him and reading a book some some special cuddle time with mummy just before bed may do the trick to reassure him that he is still mumm's special little guy.

[Edited on 26/02/2009]
im am having the same problem with my 22months old, new bub is 13weeks. The first few nights were fine but he is now getting up about 4 times a night. Sometimes wil go straight back down other nights it takes on hour. We always put him straight back in and some times have to stand around the corner and keep telling him to go to sleep.
Is your new bub in your room? Ours is and im wondering if that is part of the problem. We are all in one room and he is all the way down the other end of the house. However i didnt want to move bub till sleeping through because i didnt want bub crying and waking him up.
He is getting his tonsils and adneiods out next week and we are really hoping this is the problem for his sleep being unsettled.
he use to be such a great sleeper and this lack of sleep is really getting to myself and hubby.

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