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dropping dummy at sleep times Lock Rss

hi everyone.

my 20 month old son only has dummy when he sleeps.

ive been thinking of perhaps stop giving him the dummy all together but it seems like mission impossible as he gets so excited and runs to where i keep his dummy when its time to sleep.

what are some ways to help him stop having dummy any tips would help. thanks.

Tania and Jaiden


I am going to have a similar problem soon I think! My son is only 17 months tho and we let him have his dummy more often - if he is sad or in a quiet mood he will wander around with his dummy in. However DS also has a blanky that goes hand in hand - maybe it is going to be twice as hard to remove them!

Sorry I don't have any tips - will be interesting to hear some.

Hi there

Sorry - no tips but will keep an eye out. DS is the same age and I'm fast approaching this matter too.

Friends have done the "giving dummy away" to Santa/Hospital/Easter Bunny/The Dummy Fairy but it seems a bit hard when its for sleep too.

Will post any tips I get smile

hi girls
coupla of things did with my son, i waited untill all his teeth were thru before even considering getting rid of it (this infuriated my mum sister etc, they thought it was unnecessary, oh well each to their own). when i did get rid of it he was 2y 10 mths was after christmas( too much excitement) and i made sure he only had 1 left, i peirced a hole in the end of it so when he did get it he understood "its broken mummy" 2 nights of it being broken and the 3rd night i took it while he was asleep and it went it the bin, the next day we "searched" for it everywhere. I chose to get rid of it when he was this old because he understands what is going on , can talk, tell me whats wrong with him etc. We had probably 1 week of him asking for it but he finally got the hint it was lost forever.
Keep me posted on how you go
Thanks Nadine, I like the idea of waiting until my DS is old enough to understand that it is time to say 'bye bye' to the dummy - be it lost or whatever. I think sometimes about removing it but feel too mean at the moment - it is such a comfort to him and I can't see any harm it is doing.

Posted by: nadineforster
coupla of things did with my son, i waited untill all his teeth were thru before even considering getting rid of it (this infuriated my mum sister etc, they thought it was unnecessary, oh well each to their own).

GRR I so know this feeling! Mum has been on me about the dummy since he was born BUT she realises that he needs it for sleep.

Next one won't be getting one if I can help it smile

Hey Girls! I have the same issue. My DD is 3 yrs old and I have tried a couple of times to get rid of her didi (dummy). All mind you have been since Christmas and nothing has worked for me...

First time, Day care lost it, and I told her that. She went to sleep at night without it, but come the next day for her arvo nap, my God did we have a fight. She flatly refused to go to sleep, and she was absolutely buggered that day, so I gave in and went and bought another.

Next time, I told her that the 'fairies' took it away and gave it to another baby that needed it, cause she was such a big girl now (happening at the same time we moved her into a big bed) that she didn't need it. No good that time either.

Next time, was early one morning, she threw a massive tantie while she was on the toilet and it fell in the bowl. So we told her that she wasn't getting another one after that. She was due to go to day care that day, and cried all the way to 'school' so I gave in again - mainly cause I didn't want to have to put the girls through that at sleep time.

Now, today, My DD is complaining that the roof of her mouth is sore, which I am convinced is from her dummy, so today I cut the top of it off. Thought she'd see it was 'broken' and wouldn't want it. Told me it was broken, but still wanted it, then sat in her bed crying cause it was broken. I took it away and she threw a wobbly like never before. Once we got her to lie there in bed and show us that she could be quiet for 5 minutes, I gave the broken one back to her.

I'm preggers too, and I don't seem to have alot of patience at the moment, but I have to keep persisting with this one this time. If I can't get rid of it eventually, I think I'll just keep cutting a bit more off each couple of days, until there is nothing left to suck on then she won't want it any more.

Sorry bout the long post sad Bit frustrated at the mo...

Great news to report. After cutting the dummy, DD has gone around telling everyone that it's broken and she doesn't need it anymore. Took her to day care yesterday, and she didn't even ask for it at sleep time - and still slept! Last night at home, she just wanted to hold it in her had, so that was ok, but has gone off to Day care again today without it. Very happy about the results!

Hi I havent had a chance to read all the post but we tackled this same issue 1.5 weeks ago. My DS is 2.5yrs we took his dummy away from him during the day and only gave it to him for his day nap and night time when he was 2. We had DS2 when he was 22months so I waited till we were all a bit settled. Last week I decided enough was enough with the dummy. I went out and bought a 78cm Iggle Piggle (from in the night garden) DS loves iggly piggle. We went to the draw where the dummys were kept and took them outside and left them I told him that we would wait a minute and if we were really quite the dummy fairy would come and take the dummys to give to the little babies who needed them now and leave a big boy present. I went out and chucked the dummies in the wheelie bin (so I couldnt go back for them) and grabbed Iggle Piggle. We did this during the day so he could get used to it by night. Now my DS loved his dummies but he did so well we just kept reminding him that it was the little babies turn for the dummies and mummy and daddy had to give there dummies up when they got big as well. The only problem is now he fights his day naps no problems sleeping at night in fact he is sleeping better than ever at night. Sorry about the long post hope this helps and be strong.(he did sream like he had lost a limb when we threw it out but we just had to be strong and not give in)
yep, I agree, you have to be stong and not give in. Consistency is definately the key

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