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Can u help? any suggestions appreciated. 19 month boy Lock Rss

my son is 19 months. never beena good sleeper. we ddi control crying at 9 months and we managed to get him to sleep 7-5bottle and sleep till8. now he wakes anywhere form 1-4 times a night. sometimes more! i justgo n and gove a bottle of wtaer to get some sleep as i ahve a 6 month old who alsp wakes for a feed. Its drainin. LAst night i prmised myself i would get up out of bed and control cry him till he went to sleep. didnt happen!
I went in and he was screaming a she does ( i think its to get my attention) but its a terrible scream like hes scraed or something and he was sitting up clutching his teddy to the side of his face. He laid down as he saw me and closed his eyes cuddling his teddy. i rubbed his eyes and he opened them and looked at me and smiled. I then left as i thought he was calm, as soon as the door closed he screamed again! yet if i give a bottle he just goes back to slepe. he doesnt use a bottle to sleep in the day so i dont know whats wrong.
he has had the sma eroutine for ages. he has dinner, bath play with daddy and a bottle. book and bed. usually goes straight to slepe. if not he plays for a bit and sleeps on his own.
he sleeps on his own in the day with no bottle as well. he has no comforter lthough lately he has started carryuiong a stuffed doll with him, not anyone in particular but. anythng soft lol.
any help or ideaS? do i just need to be strong and control cry him! its just so hard witha 6 month old who will wake up and need to be resettled. oh and he hasa night light. its like a plastic fish tank with plastic fish and it makes a regular humming noise which soothe shim and blocks out dylans ( 6 months) screaming when he wake sup. so what do u think?

Ashton 13/8/04, dylan 27/8/05, #3 due 22/9/07

My son is nearly 16 months. Control crying is the only answer.( easy for me to say I don;t have 2 babies!!) i was booked in for my 2nd residential stay at tresillian 1 month ago. He was waking up to 7 times a night. I gave him a drink of water and gave him his dummy. He wiuld go staright back to sleep and then the cycle would start again the following hour. i took the dummy away at night. (He still has it for day sleeps) I have the same bedtime routine as you, when bub wakes and crys let cry for AT LEAST 12 mins. Re settle by telling bub "lie down, sleep time", wait until bub is quiet then leave room. Screaming will probably start before you leave room. Keep repeating this. It worked for my son. I didn't want to go back to tressillian, but it was driving me nuts. So I got tough and it took me 5 nights. Now he will either sleep through, or wake once and resettle himself. On a bad night (last night) i had to go in once.


Rebecca, Penrith.

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