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2 year old won't sleep in her bed HELP ! Rss

My darling little 2 yr old daughter has developed a fear of sleeping in her new big girl bed. We moved her into her bed with a side rail 6 weeks ago and did very well sleeping straight away. weks ago she got sick and since then will not sleep in her bed. I have sat with her at night next to the bed till she is settled and sleeping this is starting to work but half way through the night she wakes up crying and sometimes will settle again with me sitting next to the bed but as soon as I get up she is crying at me again. I ahve tried leaving the room but this creates more anxiety for her and after usually 2 1/2 hours I give up and put her in bed with us and she sleeps perfectly. Any tips or hints or experiences would be great I am at my wits end

Annette WA mummy to Keisha 080304 & Thehan 200307

i dont actually have the same problem as u but i can only suggest things.

1. place a nightlight next to her bed.

2. put soothing music on whe she goes to bed.

3. give her her favourite stuffed toy next to her

if she can talk ask her why she is afraid of sleeping in her bed and then try to eliminate the problem. is she afraid of the dark or the boogy monster. just ask her. i know shes has a fear of sleeping in the bed but something must have caused it before hand apart from being sick. is she having nightmares? U might need to seek professional help regarding this problem. sorry i'm not much help. good luck . let me know how things go.

philippa mum of Charley chicken

We have just been through something similar with our 2 year old.
I have been reading a book called The No cry Sleep Solution for Toddlers by Elizabeth Pantley which has given me some good ideas. We now find that the best way to get little miss off to bed is following our routine of Bath, bed,story, lights out and we close the door until we know she is asleep then open it once she is well and truly asleep(she sometimes cries or yells out to usfor a minute or so, but we always go in if she sounds really upset). We still get middle of the night visits occasionally, But its nowhere near as often as it used to be and she is usually happy to have a cuddle and then we take her back to her own bed.
Hope it helps.

Amy, mum of 2y.o. and 2 month old

Hi I'm currently experiencing the same issues with my 2.5 year old daughter. I hope you have fixed the problem by now.If so can you please help me with some of your ideas.

Karen SA 2.5 yrs

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