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At breakdown Point... Lock Rss

Help! I have a 2 1/2 year old son who has never been a good sleeper. We went to a health nurse when he was 11 months old and she made some recommendations (getting rid of the dummy was #1) that we followed with some success. However, in his life he has only slept through (11pm - 5:30am) maybe 3 times. Every other night it's at least 3 or more times that he wakes...and I mean really wakes! People have given us a lot of advise...mostly I've been lead to feeling I'm mad or a control freak because there has always been some developmental reason why he'snot sleeping (teeth, 2 years, etc). I've put these other factors in perspective and recently really given controlled crying a serious go. You see, I'm a teacher who works full time in special ed, so over the last school break I invested 10 nights in managing this problem. The result? One very haggard Louise returning to work with a child who still wakes through the night! I saw a health nurse again two weeks ago because I was desperate...can feel myself going down depression track again because of ongoing sleep deprivation and after a lengthy talk, recommended sleep school in Brisbane. "Great", I thought! At this prospect I regained some energy - only to have it blown away this week with the news that we are not eligible as my son is over 2!!!! HELP!!!! Does anyone know where I can go form here, or even of private programs that I could tap into. I can't believe this outcome as we have a history of sleep problems that have been documented through community health and our GP. My sister-in-law has told me of a program in Melbourne, but I'm just not up to travelling that far. If anyone can help me out with programs around the Brisbane area, I would be grateful. I'm at breakdown point. Thanks.

Louise, Finlay (4 Feb, 02), Mackenzie (18 Jan, 06)

Oh Louise I feel for you.........

I know what you are saying, I swear sleep deprivation is a form of torture!!

I am sorry I dont know of any schools apart from Riverton. Have you given them a call and asked if they know of any other service that may be able to help you? There phone number is 38607111.

Our son still doesnt sleep well. He sleep longer than your son though. We found in the early days the reason he didnt sleep was because his neck and spine were out and the chiropractor helped with this. The other thing I was reading today was at this age toddlers just dont(and wont) eat enough of the foods they need. The article said one in 3 children will have behaviour, learning and sleep problem due to this. Have you tried one of the toddler formulas with the added iron and calcium etc or even a liquid vitamin supplement added to his bottles or milk.

We also take our son to a homeopath who advised our son is in tolerate to wheat and dairy. Dairy gives him a constant runny nose but wheat makes him really really naughty. He also put us on to drops you get from the chemist (not cheap) called Rescue Remedy. It is just a healthy way to try to calm everyone including children. You just a give a few drops to the child on their tongue. We find it does settle him down and if it doesnt then we take it!! LOL

Our son also see's a acupuncture who said that Calebs energies were really low which can also leed to sleep problems. When he works on this Caleb usually falls asleep in the waiting room!

I am not sure if I have helped or just confused you more but I honestly hope you find an answer soon. As you know you cant keep going on like this!

Take care.
'Calebsmum'....thanks so much for the tips. I will call Riverton on the number you gave me and I will be more particular about his food intake. When he was young, he couldn't get enough food, but for the last 12 months, he's become really picky. I give him Pentavite when he's run down - maybe I should give it to him more often. Anyway, thanks for the help! Just having some more options makes me feel a little better.

Louise, Finlay (4 Feb, 02), Mackenzie (18 Jan, 06)

Hey Louise

Your very welcomed. I just hope you find some sort of help very soon, I dont know how long I could keep going on little or no sleep!

Take care.

Hi Louise,

Just wondering how things were going with your son & his sleeping.

Hope things have improved for you.


Michelle - Mum to 2

Hi Michelle,

Would you believe that we've all been quite sick for the last 3 weeks (so the sleeping issues remain!). In light of this, I'm committing myself to a vigilent 3 weeks of strict routine before bed and controlled crying when in bed, prior to and over the next school break. By then (only a few weeks away) I should be physically up to it. Plus, I'm also now prepared to take a break when I need that nights rest myself (go to my mum's) and leave the little terror with Daddy. With this plan in mind, I can see forward. If this doesn't work again, then I have the Christmas break to work towards and source support for positive change. It's just so hard working full-time and living 2 hours from Brisbane where (seems) there's more support.

Thanks for the kind thoughts - they mean a lot to me!

Bye for now...Louise

Louise, Finlay (4 Feb, 02), Mackenzie (18 Jan, 06)

Hi Louise,

Good to hear you are looking on the positive side & have got yourself a plan. I think that sometimes you need to set yourself goals & that makes things easier to deal with.

My son is not the best sleeper around but i worked thru the bad times & get to the other side somehow.

Good luck & keep up the updates. I'd like to know how you get on.

Happy sleeping......(maybe).


Michelle - Mum to 2

Hi, I came across your experience with sleep problems with your son and wanted to know how you are now getting on. I have a 2 1/2 year old son and experiencing almost the same thing. My son wakes up 2-3 times a night, it is very very tiring and puts a bit of strain on my marriage, as we seem to have no time for each other as we are both so tired. Luckily my son will go back to sleep once he wakes, but only goes back to sleep if he has a bottle, this is repeated through out the night, its almost you are holding your breath hoping he wont wake up again until morning, but that is very rare, he has only slept through the night probably only once, I am so exhausted and i just dont know why he wont sleep through. I cant wait until that day!!!! I am hoping you have had some luck with your son, if you have, i would love some tips, but if you have had no luck, dont worry, at least you know you are not the only one going through this, and things will get better one day for us : ) Good luck Sleep mum, Qld, (2y.o. boy)

Ren, Qld, 2yr boy

Hi Louise

I had the same problem with my son but not as bad as you after talking to a friend of my he suggested that I try playing a radio with some back ground music he found that this worked when he would put his daughter to bed at night. My son has a frog called Baby Tad from the Leap Frog Collection she is very educational but she will play 6 minutes of classical lullabies. After playing this twice my son will fall asleep. Try playing a radio or a CD of classical music and see if this does any good. I only play the frog at night even though he does ask for it during the day and I mention to him that Baby Tad is for night time only.

Good luck.

Tania, Vic jellybean baby

Hi Louise,

I have been perusing these forums and came accross your message. I know you posted it originally in July but wanted to touch base.

How are things going for your little one? And how did you find Riverton? I used them a few times and didn't find them very helpful, just kept telling me it was normal my son wasn't sleeping well!!

We have an 18 month who goes through stages of sleeping well and then not. He didn't sleep through as such until he was about 8 months old. So we actually contacted privately Sheyne Rowley who featured on the Sunrise show on channel 7. She offers different programs and will even come to your own home. And is very successful I believe.

In the end we didn't feel the need to use her as my son started sleeping well. But for the last couple of mnnths he's been back to his old tricks since I found out I was pregnant again, yiikes!!

Anyway, type her name up on the net and have a look at her website. It may help you some.

Kind regards,

Hi Louise and All,

Well I can so relate to where all of you sleep deprived Mum's are coming from!! I've already posted on a couple of other topics in here, but I thought I'd just drop in another. I had huge probs with my bub sleeping. It was months ago now, but we were loaned a book and from when I read and started using it, things turned around within a few days. She was a lot younger than most of your bubs, but it's the basic principals that work and the understanding behind them. It would most likely take you ladies a bit longer with your littlies as their habits will be more ingrained, but I would really recommend giving it a go.

They are actually a series of books and the one I used at the time was focused on young bubs (birth to 5/6 months) then a second which focused on 5 - 15 months. Those two work together, but there is a third which would probably give the info you ladies would need. I have yet to get a copy of the third myself (hanging out for it actually) but if I can get one soon, I can let anyone interested know.

Anyway Louise I hope you're having some success and getting some sleep. Thinking of you all,
Hi Louise

I had my breakdown when my baby was 8 months, and in my desperation I wanted a sleep expert to come to my home and help me.

go to, tizzie hall is fantastic. As upset as I was she managed to coach me via email.

Her method is having a routine, she does not believe in controlled crying where you keep going in and out of the babies room at intervals as it confuses the baby.

Tizzie uses a method of using a routine and leaving babe to cry in its sleep time. It worked for me when I thought I had tried everything. She has programs for toddlers and older children too.

It took my girl 2 weeks to adjust and learn to fall asleep on her own, ( I had always rocked her to sleep)

I recommend you give her a call, she will tell you , you can do it and she believes in you, and her method is proven to work.

If you go to the web site and email her, she can take it from there.....

I hope I am not sounding too bossy, she changed my life, I sent her presents I was am still so grateful!!!!



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