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will not give up her dummy Lock Rss

I have a little girl who is almost three and a half who has to sleep with her dummy and big dog( her favourite stuffed toy) i dont mind big dog but I can not get rid of the dummy.If i dont give her the dummmy she stands there screaming NO DUMMY NO SLEEP! I have a 6 month old who is hard to settle so it has always been a matter of whatever keeps you quite! Plus she has had the dummy since she was a baby so it is her comforter! I have tried taken it of her I have tried telling her its broken and its in the bin I am at a loss to no what to do I am starting to worry that it is interfering with her speech my husband keeps saying that if I dont tell people she has it they would never know as she only has it to sleep with but as I said I have concerns that her speech is being interfered with due to it any help or ideas I would love.

melissa,NSW,mum of almost 5 year old and a 2 year

Hi there I totaly feel for your problem. I have only just taken my sons dummy away from him, he is 2.5. Like your daughter he really loved his dummy. The only way I could do was just not let him have it anymore, it took probably 2 nights before he stoped wanting it. Lots of screaming and throwing himself on the floor, but I didn't give in now he doesn't even ask for it. This way might work for you. Good luck

Teena QLD Cody 2 & Nadia 13 yr old

we just got my 2.5 yr old to throw his dummy away and also told him that the easter bunny comes to kids who dont have a dummy(sounds cruel .. i know) but i had to get it off him .I was sick of the old people comment like what r u doing with that in your mouth. I would say to them if he wants is then i am not stopping him at all.
but yesterday he broke it and said fix mummy .and i told him i couldnt fix it and he went and threw it into the bin .I got it out later and washed it just incase i had problems with him ,but he had a day sleep without it ,then at night he asked for it and i said no more dummy and he went to bed no problems.

Maybe in your situation i did this with my other kids ,put the older one to bed fist then wait for them to stop screaming then settle the youngest one.

5 kids now

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