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bedtime routines? Rss

Hi if there is anyone out there whos child/ren do actually sleep through the night could you please share your routines with me please. I am at my wits and need help. I have a 2 1/2 year old and a 14 month old who do not sleep through at all. Thankyou.

angie, nsw, 2 1/2 yr & 14 months

I bet you are at your wits end. I'm pretty lucky (touch wood) with Ella (13mnths) that she sleeps through most nights. She hs been through plenty of little phases where she's woken lots of times during the night sometimes needing me to go in and re settle her other times settling herself but usually she falls back into routine fairly quickly.

My night time routine with Ella is... 5.30ish dinner followed by a bath around 6pm. She can then have quiet play. At about 6.45 i give her a bottle, then its into bed by 7pm (awake). She generally sleeps til 6.30ish the next morning. Lately ive been lucky with her sleeping til about 7am.

She's started throwing her day sleeps around a bit at the moment so occassionlly she has a late afternoon nap, if she isnt awake by 5pm I move the bedtime routine back an hour... still follow the same routine but put her to bed at 8pm instead of 7.

I got Ella a sleeping bag suite thing which made a Huge difference to her sleeping because she stopped waking up cold. Do you have these for your kiddies??

Good luck

Belinda, WA, lovely baby girl

My 18 month old is now sleeping through, he was 15 months old when he first started: Only after I got rid of the dummy and moved him into a big bed (well big mattress on the floor). He moves around alot and would probably still fall out from time to time plus it's pretty high - due to the mattress.

Anyway our routine:
Dinner at 4:30pm or 5 depending on what he's had for arvo snacks & what time.
Play outside or walk to the beach go to the park, anything to pass an hour.
Bath around 6pm
Bottle (now straw cup) of milk straight after bath.
Read a few books, bring out a special toy on some days - wooden puzzle type thing which he hasn't got the gist of yet.
Advise him that bedtime is approaching about 15 min prior.
And recently I have found that getting him to brush his teeth right before putting him to bed makes for less fuss.
So he's in bed by 7pm and wakes around 6:30 to 7am. On a fantastic day we get past 7am - pretty rare though! On a worse day he's awake at 5:30 or 6.
He only has one day sleep as of recently and it's moved from 10am to 1pm. Sleeps for 2Hrs max.

He is in his own room and always has been.

Another thing that sometimes helps is not to force him to lay down, sit him on the bed hand him a cloth nappy (his comfort instead of a dummy/pillow) and say night night, sleep well, see you when you wak up mummy & daddy loves you or something along those lines - it's not always exactly the same.

I found when he woke - and didn't settle himself just a firm, James go to sleep or something similar was good. Unless he got distressed.
And when putting him to bed if he whinges I give him 5 mins then go & tell him it's sleep time & go to sleep but settle him back down with cuddle or pat on back if he works himself up. Same for both day or night. Sometimes it took alot of control to keep myself calm and stop myself from just going in and yelling at him. When I took the dummy off him I sort of did the control crying thing to an extent, and just watching him was evident that he did not know how to get himself to sleep without it!

Good luck. I was the same when he was 15 months!

Kristina, Mum of James 3yrs & Matilda 14 months

Hi Angie
My boy is 18 months old and has actually slep through the night since he was 10 weeks old! (very lucky I know) Don't get me wrong he can still have a bad night every now and then but it is probably about 3 a month which I can deal with!
My son has dinner at 5.30 pm then a bath at about 6. Then some play time with mum and dad till nearly 7 then we pack up toys and hop into his cot. I read him a story and he still has a dummy for sleep ( this doesn't cause us any problems but I know people say to get rid of them if you are having sleeping issues) He has a night light (we started this about 2 months ago after he woke up a few night in a row and the effect was immediate) Then a kiss, light off and door pulled to. If he does wake up at night I leave him for a bit before I go in. If he doesn't settle I use controlled crying (not for everyone but it works a treat for us) Remember if your angels are not used to sleeping through it takes perseverence and up to about a fortnight for a new routine to succeed. So lots of deep breaths, don't give up and goodluck!

Kelly,QLD, boy 23.01.03 and girl 08.04.05

Hi, my routine with my 16 month old girl is basically similar to most others already posted. I give her her tea at around 5:30pm, 6:00, then she has a bath, I put her straight into her pj's after the bath then, depending on how late it is by now (I aim to put her to bed around 7:15 - 7:30pm) she will either have a short play with her toys (or her dad) or just go straight to bed. When it is time to go to bed I turn off the lights in her room, the only bit of light filtering in is from the hall through her part-open door (so I can see)I give her her dummy which she only ever has when she goes to bed, I stand up cuddling her and patting her on the back (as if i were to be burping her), if she is happy with this she will drop her face into my shoulder and we will do this for a few mins before putting her into bed. But, she is not always happy to be held and will be kicking and crying coz she does not want to go to bed. So, then i put her straight into her cot and give her a drink of water from a bottle. Then she normally takes her dummy and i leave the room, close the door most of the way shut and most times she goes to sleep. If she does not quiet down within a few minutes (from crying) then I will go back in (light still off) and offer her a drink, if she wants it then that normally settles her, if not, I will pick her up and give her a little rock (in the cradle position)for a few mins and i see her fighting to keep her eyes open. Then put her back to bed and If she happens to lie there quietly for a while then starts to stir, normally it is because she wants another drink or she has a wet nappy or something. She sleeps right through the night till about 6:30am, sometimes even 7:00am. I find if i change her nappy before i go to bed (around 10:00ish) keeping her asleep, (i just leave her in her bed and do it and try my best not to disturb her) then it avoids her waking at around 4:00am with a very wet nappy which she wants changed.
Hope this helps.

Linda (Jessica 3/4/03, Caleb 11/4/05)

Hi. Our bedtime routine is pretty much the same as the other mother's have posted here. Has dinner, then a bath and some play time before going to bed at 7.30pm. My daughter also has a bottle before lights are out then she has her dummy. I also change her nappy again before I go to bed at around 10.00pm while she is asleep. She has been sleeping through since 5 weeks of age but we do have the occasional bad night. Hope this helps.
hi just a thought, have you considered taking them to a sleep school/centre? my son and i went to one this week and it was really good, still not sleeping through the night but he is improving each night
I have 2 girls, one 2yrs 8 mths, the other 7 months. It is only really in the last couple of months that they have both started sleeping through the night.

The eldest was always a good sleeper, sleeping through from about 6 weeks, but this changed once her baby sister was born, and required a total change of bedtime routine. Once I had a new baby, I found that I was often up with my eldest more during the night than with the baby.

My routine is quite different to the others - bath time is whatever time during the day fits with the 2 - very rarely is it after dinner, or anywhere near bedtime.

With the youngest she has dinner about 5-5:30, then gets a nappy change, and dressed into her pj's. She then had a bottle and is put to bed. Generally going to bed 6-6:30.

My husband generally arrives home about this time, so he spends time with the eldest while I cook dinner. The 3 of us eat together about 7-7:30. My daughter then has quite playtime. At 8:10 it is time to brush teeth, get a nappy and pj change and then bed, where we spend the next 20 minutes quietly talking and reading stories - a very nice time of the day - a cuddle and kiss and then lights out at 8:30. She will then tend to sleep through until 7-8am the next morning. We found the extra attention, particularly the stories in the evening made a world of difference in getting her to sleep through. We still have battles some nights in getting her to stay in bed once whe is there, but once she is asleep she will generally sleep though.

I did go to sleep school with the eldest when she was about 2 yrs 3 mths, and the routine and attantion where what they stressed.

Good luck.

mum to 2 girls

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