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Getting very frustrated putting 2.5yr old to bed Lock Rss

I am getting so very frustrated with my 2.5 year old boy. Just the last week or so he has been really playing up at bed time. When it's time for bed, we put him to bed with a kiss from the both of us and leave the room, with the lights on but the door open, just as usual. What he does is get out of his bed, we then put him back and explain that it is bed time and to go to sleep, as soon as we are out of the room he's up again. This would go on about 20 times + before he eventually tires of this game and falls asleep. How do we stop this, we are getting exhausted of this game. Not only that - he normally wakes up about 2-3 times every night and comes into our room so I then take him back to his bed but I need to lie down next to him until he falls asleep otherwise he'll keep getting out of his bed.
Does anyone been through anything similar? Any helpful ideas would be just great. Thanks. Plus, tomorrow I'll be buying a gate to place across the door.

Mum to Bub

have you tried shutting the door?

Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

I am having the exact same problem with my 2yr 8mth old. He has just started really playing up at bed time. We have a routine, and have done so from the start so nothings changed. Bath, quite play time, clean teeth, toilet and bed. But now bed time goes on forever and it is really stressing me out.

I went to the health centre for my baby and asked about this and she gave a couple of suggestions. She said that they are at an age where they really start having lots of dreams and can be quiet restless and things that happen during the day can play on their minds. Also if they have good imaginations any fears that they have can be what they think about too.

She gave me a name of a book that is supposed to be good for bedtime called Starbright- meditation for children by Maureen Garth. Also she suggested to do a sticker chart reward system - eg after behaving when going to bed he can put a sticker on the chart, when he gets to eg 3 stickers he can have a reward of some sort. Extend the time frame and over a couple of weeks he should get back into the normal sleep routine. We are starting this tonight to see how he goes.

Good luck. If anyone has any other suggestions please let me know!

hi, i have a little man not quite 2 yet, but since he could pull himself to stand we have had trouble with him going to sleep! he would stand in his cot and just cry and cry , in the end we put him to bed with a bottle. Now that hes in a bed and we no longer give him his cup to take to bed he keeps getting up again and again. what we do is read a book, kiss and cuddle make sure he starts off settled then walk out shutting the door. set a timer to go off in 2 mins and if still crying go back in resettle then quickly walk out, dont talk to him or look him in the eyes. reset the timer for 4 mins this time and so on so on till he falls asleep. if he goes over the ten minute timer setting, then sit with him till really calm again and start from the start.
its extremely hard to hear him cry but trust me its working for us going from hour and half bed time to only 10 mins or so
good luck

Eliots mummy

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