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5am starts Pleeeeaaaase help! Lock Rss

I am posting this in the toddler section because I want to get some advice from mothers who have dealt with it and not just going through it. My DS has been waking up at 5am since about 8months (now 10months). I have tried everything ie. bed earlier, bed later, bottle (sometimes works), leaving to self settle, shorter day naps etc. Nothing is working. He is waking up quite happy.

I have read that giving a bottle is wrong but I want to ask those of you who gave a bottle at 5am, did you have trouble later on stopping it and how old was bubs when they slept later? I have read a couple of sites that said giving a bottle was okay so i am confused.

At the moment he wakes at 5am and I just let him chat til 6am. Sometimes he gets too tired too quickly so it mucks up the day. For those of you who did not give bottle how old was your baby when he started sleeping later?

I want to thank you in advance for your replies. It is very much appreciated!

Some kids never sleep later, DS1 is certainly "bad" for that. LOL He's been a 5am riser for as long as I can remeber and after trying just about everything I just accepted it, made it alot easier to cope with. DS2 can be the same, though it varies but since daylight savings ended we sometimes don't even make it to 5am! Feeding him at that time didn't make him go back to bed until later, if anything it made him think it was time to start the day, but there were times when I could feed him at 4 or 5am and he go back to bed until 7, but that was a rare thing.

When we CC'd DS1, he never had a bottle at 5am, but as I said at the start, did nothing for him waking. Acceptance is a wonderful thing, I learned that when your expectations and the realities don't match and you spend all your time and energy trying to fix it, that you resent it more than if you just adjusted other things accordingly (like going to bed earlier yourself the night before)and just dealt with the fact that your kid isn't "textbook" and isn't going to do the 7-7 thing. And even on the rare ocassion they slep past 6 am (or god forbid 7am), doesn't matter, I am still awake and unable to get back to sleep at 5am. LOL

I say do what feels right for you, if you want to give him a bottle and you think he needs it then do're there, no one else is and it's not somebody else's palce to say "you must do x or else". If he's quite happy, I'd say that he's geting enough sleep when he does and though it is frustrating having an "early bird", you are unlikely to be able to "force" a change. DS2 goes down for the night by 6:45pm at the latest has one day sleep ususally of anywhere between 1-3 hours and is usually awake at around 5:30 on average, though we have had some 4:30 am wakenings this past week since daylight savings ended........eek! But this morning it was 6am. LOL

So that's probaly not helped, nor what you wanted to hear but that's us. smile]

hi, my DS now 13months, used to wake at 6-6.15am every morning but since day light savings ended he is now waking at 5am most mornings. I too tried everything but nothing has worked, although I have not given him milk when he wakes as i dont want him to think that when he wakes he will get milk straight away so I wait till 6 to give it to him to try to encourage him to sleep longer ( i read that somewhere, although it hasnt worked yet!). He too will usually just chat till i get him up but this morning he cried a little so i comforted him and he fell asleep on me. I am wondering if he was cold, so tonight I will dress him warmer and see if this makes a difference. It is getting really cold now so maybe its that. Sorry I have not dealt with the issue yet but just a suggestion that maybe its the temperature. I read once about babies waking due to being cold but thats usually the last thing we think of ,so it's worth a try.
Thank you for your replies. I know that i am not the only one but it doesn't make me feel much better.

I think i have worked it out. I don't think he was cold,hungry etc. I think it became habit when he was teething. He would wake up and than chat and than winge and I got him up thinking he wouldn't go back to sleep. He has been waking up at 5am regularly so I let him go to around 6am but last Friday I was tired so I thought 10 more mins. Anyway, he went to sleep til 7am. The next day he did exactly the same thing when I didn't get him in the 1hour bracket. Yesterday he woke at about 5.15am and cood for 5mins and went to sleep til 6.30 and this morning he didn't wake till 5.50 and went back to sleep til 6.30am. Hopefully this continues. I think DH wakes him going to work but 6.30am is a great time for us.

Anyway, until the next sleep disrutpion phase I will keep working with what I am doing.
crickey,. the last thing i wanted to read was that accepting it is probably the easiest... i know the poster above is right, but...NOOO NOT a morning person! My boys who have finally got it together going down well and sleeping through, have started waking at 5am. i guess i should be happy they have the other parts sorted, but sheesh, 5am is obscene, i wake up crying, then two hours later after coffee and a shower i finally feel better about it lol. Hoping its just a phase, has only been 4 days straight, but i fear the more days in a row, the more likely it will be a habit. i think its the older one who wakes and makes noise so the younger one wakes. if the older one would stay quiet it would be fine, but DS2 squawks for breakfast immediately. i've told him if he wakes his bro tomorrow he will be in 5am time out. mean mum, but this is mighty important to me. i am struggling to accept that my boys, who have a mum and dad who LOVE a sleep in more than your average bear, might be early risers.

I went thru this with #1 and #3. #2 was ok. Unfortunately, we had to change our lifestyle to suit early risers. Most of my housework is completed by 8am, downside is I'm ready for bed by 8pm these days. #3 if she wakes at 5 now, I will give her a bottle which she holds herself, and I climb back into bed.

Just read that you seem to have worked it out smile My DS often wakes up and 'chats' for up to 45 minutes before he actually wants to get out of his cot.
[Edited on 29/04/2009]

Sorry to say I think some kids are just early risers! Our DS wakes at 5 am (though recently it has been 530-woohoo sleep in! lol) and has done since he started sleeping through. (at around 15 months). He is now 2, and we tried a few things but to no avail. It would work for a day or two, then go back again, so I guess he is just an early riser.
The only thing that worked for me was just accepting it. (Not what you want to hear lol). I found I was less stressed, and it did become easier to handle. (Though some mornings I am really tired through having a rough night with him or something, so am a little less 'accepting' lol).

The good thing is he had 2 naps in the day until well over 18 months, so I got to have two mini breaks-one for a bit of housekeeping (if I could be bothered) and one for a little catch up sleep.

I have read or heard somewhere if you give them their 'dinner' meal at 330 in the arvo, then they have a supper (sandwich or something) at say the normal dinner time, it helps them to sleep in. Not sure if this works as haven't tried it, but it might be an idea to try?

Good luck, early mornings are a bit sucky, but you do get used to it.
My dd1 will be 3 in August and is still waking at 5am!! I too have accepted this. The part that is hard for me to deal with is she dropped her day sleep at 18 mths, some i don't get a break. I don't mind if she wakes and is happy but this morning she was still clearly tired and that is hard!! It makes for a long day.
Ds1 is 2 years and has always gotten up at 5am DS2 is doing the same thing and he is 4.5 months old. I have just gotten used to it. I am not much of a morning person but I just get them breaky and put the tv on for myself until I wake up. By the time they have had breaky I am ready to start showers and the rest of the day.

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