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Three nappy changes a night for a 19 month old!! Rss

My now 19 month old has always been a good sleeper - he has 2.5 to 3 hours during the day and up to a month ago sleep through the night needing no assistance to self settle.

However, a month ago it all changed. He now wakes up to three times a night for a nappy change. It started with one change (i thought no problem, nothing unusual), last night it was THREE!! Would there be any correlation between giving up the dummy and this night waking? He has a blankie that he goes to bed with and has done since birth.

Does anyone else have this issue? I have read Tizzie Hall's book and she has a case study with a toddler who had a bowel motion to get out of going to sleep so the Mum had to get him up and change him every time.

This situation is slightly different where he will go to sleep (relatively) easily but will wake from about 11pm onward every couple of hours. I assume this is sleep cycles and when he stirs he thinks he needs a new nappy.

The nappies are only wet not dirty that need to be changed. We have tried some things like reducing milk before bed, having milk earlier, changed nappy brands, etc. When we get him out of bed and onto the change table he will close his eyes and be half asleep all the way through.

Any experiences from others would be appreciated!!
Hi there, when I have to change my DS at night I put the side of the cot down, keep lights as low as possible and do it in his cot. That way he just rolls over and goes back to sleep.
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