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How to keep warm at night Lock Rss


DD is 14 months and moves around a lot while she sleeps so that means she does not stay under the covers. She is still in a cot. Just wondering what other people do to keep baby warm as the cooler weather is now here! I have tried the sack ones (no feet-can't remeber what they are called). She doesnt seem to like it much as she can't move her feet around. Is there one that people love and their baby loved? Or the best p'j's that are warm? We have the Flannelette ones but still doesnt seem to be warm enough.

Thanks for your advise!

We use a suit similar to the sack ones but it actually has legs in it. It goes over the top of the pjs and has worked really well for us - they sell them at Target and at Best and Less.

Our little boy started doing this all the time at 12 months we had to put him to bed with a sheet then when he was asleep go in and put the blankets on him. They wouldnt stay on him for long because he would flip the quilt over and use it as a pillow leaving nothing on top of him.

So i started giving him a blanket folded up as a pillow to see if thats what he wanted and it worked for a few nights now. I heard about a pillow you can breath through called "TETRA" it has heaps of things going for it in my book. so i went and bought one today! hopefully it does the trick and he doesnt keep throwing the blankets off to use as his pillow.

A suggestion would be to get those grow bag things. I used to use one, but they grow so quickly that he wasnt in the 1 size i had for him long enough and i didnt bother to buy another one. But if its just for winter, you could try it for your little girl.

Leia -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06

My boy loves his Grobag sleeping bags - have one for winter & one for summer - he sleeps really well in them & can move & turn over freely. Have used for over a year now & I always know he's covered up no matter how/where he ends up and the sizes last for ages. Great order service from website:
Good luck!

Emma, WA, Riley-July''''04, Keira-Feb''''08

Hi aria i had the same problem with both my kids not leaving the covers on so we put an oil heat in there rooms to take the chill out of them and now both sleep well if the covers come off in the night least the rooms warm so there warm we have had no probelms since.

I hope this helps it helped for me


julie,qld 17months daughter

Hi, you have received some great adivce, one more would be to make sure their feet and hands are warm.
I even put socks on for my daughter before I put her in a sleeping bag. I also use mittens during winter for both my baby and toddler- this makes a huge difference.

Andrea, baby and toddler

I have used a Gro Bag since my son was about 5 months old. He is now 12 months old and we still use one. He also used to kick his covers off and would wake through the night cold. I find the Gro Bags the best of all the sleeping bags because they are quite long, therefore they can still move their legs around inside it. They aren't cheap, I purchase mine from Baby Buntings for around $75, but they have been great. He is currently wearing a size 6-18 months and they come in different fabrics for the different seasons. I think it also helps him because when I put it on him, he knows that it's time for bed.


My son moves around as well and hates the sleeping bag. We put him in a singlet, then all-in-one cotton pjs (with enclosed toes) or flannelette pjs and socks. Then later when we go to bed, we put another layer on him - either a fleecy all-in-one suit or a sleep tracksuit top and bottom (with enclosed toes). We get the fleecy suits and sleep tracksuits from Best and Less. We find that when he has 2 layers of clothes, it's just the same as if he was in one layer of clothes and under the covers...

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