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HELP - 2yo used to sleep through now can't be without us! Lock Rss


My 2yo son has been difficult to put down since the start of the new year. Prior to this time we would both tuck him in bed, kiss him goodnight, he would wave goodbye and within 5 minutes he was out like a light for the entire night. On New Year's Eve a fire cracker went off outside his bedroom window (courtesy of our neighbours) and he woke in a fright so we bought him into our bed. I had just had my second son and he was also sleeping in our room. To make things more difficult we were moving from VIC to QLD at the start of Feb and he knew something wasn't right at home with all the packing etc, and he had recently moved into his 'big bed'.

I know this is a lot for a toddler to tackle all at once but I am really concerned that all he does now is scream when we try and settle him in his own bed. I've waited for up to two hours with him and nothing seems to work. At night he won't go to bed until we go to bed and has a terrible sleep with us. My hubby gets up for work at 4am and he is up then too so is definitely not getting the required amount of sleep. My 4mth old sleeps better! PLEASE HELP I'M GOING CRAZY!!!

Kat, Ethan 30/04/04 & Phoenix 05/12/05

Hi. I'm having a similar problem with my 18 month old. He previously had no problems putting himself to sleep, and most nights slept right through. But after our recent holiday, everything has changed. He now wants me to pat him until he falls asleep, and he is waking thoughout the night.

I've tried controlled crying, but he screams, vomits and has even climbed out of his cot. So, I'm sorry, I don't have any advise, but just wanted to wish you luck, and let you know you are not alone.

Good luck!

Julie, mum of 2 boys

I have been through similar with my now 4 year old,it also happened not long after we brought our new little baby girl home and had moved her to a big bed. I think it is all just too much all at once, a lot for a toddler to deal with! We ended up having to be firm, It took 2 really bad nights where we all didnt get much sleep. Although it might seem like there is no end in sight, there is light at the end of the tunnel
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