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Wont Sleep By Himself Anymore Lock Rss

Hi All,

Im not sure if my 1yr old is classed as a toddler but here goes anyway.
My little man has been slept in his own room since 2 and a half months and he has been putting himself to sleep since he was about 7 months. Everynight our bedtime routine has always been the same bath bot bed but over the last week everytime I put him into bed he sits at the end of his cot and crys out daddy, dada, dada then just keeps crying. Its heart breaking, last night I left him for 20 mins but it just gets worse then I sat in there with him but he would still cry unless I was actually physically touching him (stroking his hair).
In the end I put him in my bed and he played around by banging his head on me and the bed then I said mate im tired im going to sleep and I pretended until 1pm! then he fell asleep.
Even when hes going off, eyes closed, and I stand up to put him in bed he starts whinging.
What do I do its driving me crazy!!!!
He was sooo good before. Do I just leave him crying for longer??

Cadygirl & Asher (naughty) Bear
see my previous post on this forum, 'my 2 year old is my contraception!'

We went to Tresillian the sleep centre at 4 months and that didn't solve our problems.

As she got older it got worse and my in laws got involved which became very emotional.

My daughter was exactly the same as your son and we allowed her to cry, but we stayed in the room on a bed until she fell asleep. We could only handle about 20 mins but we found we had to stick it out longer before picking her up.

Nik, NSW

Hi cadygirl i have a 19month old daughter who does that but she wakes through the night i took her to the doctor to speek to him and he told me shes having night terrriors.Does your son go to kindy,child care? some nights i have to put my daughter asleep in my bed or rock her to sleep then but her in her cot.Some nights she's really bad and wake three times i have been leaving her door open and a light on and thats as help some times.

Does your son wake after he has gone to sleep it mite help to go and see your doctor and talk to them about it there mite be able to give you some hints. Let me know how you go.


julie,qld 17months daughter

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