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3 Year Old who refuses to go to Bed at Night Lock Rss

Please someone out there I need major HELP.

I have a 3 year old Boy who refuses to go to bed of a night and he uses evey excuse under the sun to get out of his room ie I need to do wee, I'm hungrey etc.

He has a set time for bed as I have two other children Emma 4 and Harry is 16 months, so there is no older child staying up. All he wants to do is play in his room or with his toys as much as we say No he still does it, he comes out of his room at night we put him straight back in and tell him we will close the door next time and sure enough he is out and closing the door doesn't seem to be a problem.

The night usually ends up with Me (Mummy) pretending to be asleep beside him so he will go to sleep which I know is wrong but I'm about out of suggestions.

Bedtime starts at 7pm and usually he falls asleep at 10.30pm.

Please anyone HELP ME PLEASE.


Kelly, WA, Girl 4, 2 boys 3, 16 mth

He he! Sorry but this sounds soo familar. My little boy has been doing this and we are at our wits end as to what to do. We ended up talking to our CYH Nurse and she gave us plenty of suggestions as to what to do and also told has it may have to do your child not like being seperated from you at the moment, and eventually they will grow out of it. Everynight he thinks of something to avoid going to bed, fresh water, a certain toy missing, light not on, no hankie, toilet stop etc etc, and even if we know we have everything there, he will still winge. We started letting him sleep right in the door way so he could see us and that kinda worked, but meant moving his bed everynight to the door way or just out of his door, which to us was a hassle. We also shut his door a number of times, but it just didn't bother him, he just opened it and just happily grinned at us. I eventually thought of glow in the night stars and planets, cause he loves the night sky, and bingo, he lays in bed and just looks at them glowing and eventually just goes of to sleep. Okay may not work for you, but there is hope out there if you can find something that he really likes and gets the child to stay in their room and sleep. Though he somtimes doesn't stay in his room,and ends up sleeping in our room at midnight or somethign cause he doesn't re settle in his own bed, but that is another problem for me to solve, but I solved the major one.


Thank you so much for reading my problem and for your suggestion, I was begining to think no one out there would help me. I am so glad that you too had this same problem as it is driving me in sane. Your suggestion sounds great and I am willing to try anything so tomorrow I will be down at the shop to get some glow in the dark stickers and give it a go. I look forward to letting you know.

many thanks Kelly

Kelly, WA, Girl 4, 2 boys 3, 16 mth

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