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Not Sleeping through any more... Why now??? Lock Rss

Hi everyone,

I would like to know if anyone has any tips on how to get 2yr old to sleep through the night again.

He used to be a great sleeper and now since our baby has been born he is waking and screaming and then running into our room and wanting to sleep with us...

I am not sure what has happend for him to behave like this and i am not getting much sleep between the 2 of them with night feeds and 2yr old screaming.

If any one else has been through this can you please offer some advice as to how you got your children back to normal sleep.

I am in need of some help...

I am at wits end and dont know where else to turn too..

It makes it hard too as my hubby is only home on weekends due to work..

Thanks for listening sorry to dump this on you all..

Take care


Tan,QLD,Connor 2, Mackayla 2wks old

hiya Tanya

It could be lots ofthings I guess but we recently had the same prob and took B to drs and itturned outto be a pretty bad ear infection (he'd never had one before)

its better now and we are backto full nights

Just a thought......


Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

Hi Tanya,

I'm sort of having the same problem at the moment. My little girl will be 2 in May and i have a 6 week old... My eldest daughter was also a really good sleeper and since having my new little girl she frequently wakes during the night asking for me. The only thing stopping her from coming into our room is the fact that i haven't yet moved her to a big bed.. So she's still confined to her cot. I really want to move her to her bed soon because i need a place for my new baby to sleep once she's too big for the cradle! But i don't want her to think that means she can just get up when she feels like it and come and harrass us either.... I really feel for you given your husband isn't home during the week, that must be very tough. I don't know much about settling toddlers (all my energy is going towards settling my newborn at the moment!!), but perhaps one of the other mums on here has a tip for you to keep your toddler in his bed? It might be tough going for a few days but i guess it'd be worth it? I'd really like info on this also as i can see i'll probably have the same thing happening soon. I wrote asking for advice in my "Goes to bed but not to sleep" post. Other than that i can only suggest that maybe our children are just going through an adjustment period. Where does your new baby sleep? Ours is in the bedroom with us, but when she cries during the night it must wake our 2 year old up - maybe thats the cause of the night wakings?? I don't know its so hard. Hang in there!!

Sarah, mum of Natalie & Jessica

We are having the same problem. Our 2yr old was a good sleeper until our second child arrived 7 mths ago. Now she wakes in the middle of the night and wants mummy to cuddle her back to sleep. if we don't she yells and screams and gets louder and louder, so we cuddle her just to get some sleep. How do we get her out of this habit?It is very tiring when you are getting up to the two of them.Does any one have any ideas???


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