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We controlled cried my now 14month old daughter over a month or so ago from having one to two bottles throughout the night. This seemed to be successful, as she would either settle herself or would sleep through with just the odd moan and groan. If she did cry, we simply did the 5, 10, 15min interval thing for her to settle. She only ever needed the 5 mins resettle time before she went back.
Over the last week or so, she has begun to wake up 2 -3 nights per week and cry, occassionally for up to 2 or so hours (on and off). When we let her cry for the first 5 mins, we then go in and she is quiet while I am standing there, but soon after leaving her room, while cry to the point of coughing etc. I never pick her up, simply pat her and quieten her down. I feel as if she has worked out that mum will come in if I cry enough. Last night, she went on and off for three hours, when at 4.45am, I eventually picked her up and rocked her to sleep(which I never ever do!). I don't know what to do??? Do I continue with the control crying interval thing, going in at 5, 10, 15 mins????

Help. I feel as if we are going back to square one, just not with bottles!!
[Edited on 23/07/2009]
[Edited on 23/07/2009]
I don't really have any advice for you sorry but except that i never would go in to my dds room unless i herd the coughing etc as she got older i would let her cry till she went to sleep don't no if that is any help to you but now my dd cant b left to cry as she throws up and i don't know why this is happening it is a newish thing she is now 23months
My boy (18 mths)still gets a bottle when he cries at night to go back to sleep. We tried the CC thing when he was about 13 months to try to stop the bottle but he can and will cry for over two hours if I let him. I found this strange because this is how he goes to sleep at night and usually we have no trouble.
He now sometimes sleeps through the nights, I think they will grow out of it in their own time. Good luck!
maybe she is growing and so is waking up hungry, try feeding her p before bed, yoghurt 1/2hr before bed time worked for my DD when she did this at 15 months. she now doesn't need it. we have a small cup of milk instead.

Two beautiful girls, hubby working from home makes one happy mumma smile

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