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Does anyone elses bub use finger as a comforter?? Lock Rss

Hi there

My daughter is 11.5 months and has been using her index finger as a comforter. Most of the time she uses her finger to suck on as a comforter to sleep. Occassionally she will use it during play.

Just wandering if anyone elses bub does it and if anyone has any ideas on how to remove this comforter as my bub now has a blister on her finger due to her teeth.

I do offer the dummy but she only uses it for a few minutes then uses her finger instead.

Any ideas/suggestion will be appreciated.

First time mum

My son use to suck his thumb as a comforter to go to sleep or when he was tired! He would never use a dummy!

I tried so much even the horrible tasting nail biting deterent as he was getting callouses on both his thumbs from this!! Eventually he just stopped when he was about 3yr on his own. I didn't panic as he obviously needed the extra comfort and I have read that if you take whatever it is that they use for comfort away from them when they are not ready, it can really upset them and can cause all these problems so I left the subject alone. Anyway, he doesn't suck on his thumb anymore and he sleeps well too!

Also don't panic about the whole teeth isssue with finger/thumb suckers...I sucked my thumb till I started preschool and my teeth are as straight as anything and so are my son's! They say only worry about it if they are still sucking their finger/thumb once their adult teeth have come through!

Best wishes

Mum(29) - DS 7yr, DD 4yr & DD 2yr

Sorry cant offer any advice on how to stop the use of your dds finger as a comforter but thought id share Ella's habbit with you.

I give her a blanket/wrap to sleep with (helped enable me to stop wrapping her for sleep) she finds the corner of it sticks it in her mouth and sucks it.... sometimes she does it so hard that i can actually hear her from another room. She's never had a dummy, wouldnt ever take one!

I think if our little darlings are in need of comforters they'll do what they must!

smile cute little creatures arent they!


Belinda, WA, lovely baby girl

With regards to comforters my son has a short ribbon with a number of coloured buttones on it and if you gvie him his dummy and his buttons he'll sleep just about anywhere. I could never work out why he would wake all the time when I went to put him in his cot and then noticed that he was playing with my PJ buttons. I figured anything was worth a try! He loves his buttons and his sleep is so good now!

I think fingers are common but my friends daughter is 10 and still sucking them. However I spose it's much like a dummy or thumb and they have to be trained out of it as they grow up.
I have a 32 mth old who still sucks her thumb

you cannot do anything about it they will wear themselves out of it.

She is being to understand that she should not suck it so I now do the time out thing and banade on it and its working.

be patient they will end it themselves you cannot stop it.

Anita nsw almost 3yr old

Hi ya first time mum,
My nephew used to suck 5 fingers ( 2 on one hand 3 on the other) and my sister ended up using the ELASOPLAST bandaids to make him stop. Elastoplast seams to stick better than any other and also taste and texture isnt good. I would highly recomend trying to get your daughter off of the finger as my nephew is now 16 and has gone through hypnosis to"RID" him of the last finger( hmm still liked the little finger left hand ) It has now worked but at an extream monetry cost for my sister. ($1-200a session)

Give it a go! it might just work!

Rose,SA,DD Tahnee 26.02.03

My son doesn't suck his thumb, but he does have a dummy. I've been reading this topic and it made me think back to a few years ago when I was working at a child care.
I remember there was a little boy (2 years old) that used to suck his 2 fingers when he went to bed and as soon as he started getting sleepy, he'd switch and suck his toes!!!
Another little girl (almost 2 years) used to suck 1 finger while holding onto a dummy and in her other hand used to hold 2 dummies.
And finally there was a little baby (6 or so months) who used to suck his thumb and litterally rock himself to sleep. He'd lay down on his side and rock back and forth. He was still doing this when I left work and he would've been roughly 3 years old.
Out of all of these kids, the parents just let them be as there was no other way that they would sleep.
But anyway, I just thought I'd share my little stories with all of you.
hi seeing as bubbaborg up the top was just sharing somethink i thought i would i used to suck my finger and at the same time put a ribbon up my nose lol i did it till i was about mmmm 10 or 12 thank god that habbit died and my sis used to suck her thumb.

natasha, S.A, nearly 3 year old boy

I was born with my thumb in my mouth and I refused a dummy as a baby - just liked the thumb. Growing up my parents tried anything and everything to get me to stop. I soon worked out that most things don't last forever and that you can suck your thumb quite happily once the icky taste stuff has worn off etc...

I gradually weaned down on the thumb sucking until it was just being done as I went to sleep instead of all day and night... This didn't stop until I got bracers in year 10 - my jaw was widened with a device that sat across the area that my thumb went in my mouth and made it impossible. The bracers were not from the thumb sucking either, my jaw was just too small for my teeth so they fixed it.

Even now sometimes I get the urge to put my thumb in my mouth but I don't do it because I know that I might not be able to stop once it starts again.

THis problem is really bad but trust me.... if your kid doesn't want to stop they won't.

My daughter has a habit of sucking on the side of her hand when she is tired. That didn't worry me until she came home one day sucking her thumb. She said that so-and-so at school (childcare) was doing it so why can't she. I told her that it was yucky so she stopped and went back to using the side of her hand. (Thank god it worked!)

But I have to say that the hand sucking is even a distraction. Originally my daughter used to suck on me. Her favourite spot was my cheek or my lip. It was a weird habit. She would just purse her lips and start sucking as if she was having a bottle and then press her lips to my face. We ended up moving her hand there because it was impossible to get her to stay asleep without my face next to her.

I guess what I am trying to say is that there are different solutions for different problems. SOme work and some don't. You just have to try absolutely everything - and if that doesn't work - GIVE UP! My parents had to!


Jordana, ACT, 1st girl Sep-01, 2nd girl Jul-05

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