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What age for big bed?? Lock Rss

I'm sure there's probably been many posts on here asking this, but I can't be bothered looking!! What age did your child move to a big bed & did you have any problems if it was sooner rather than later?? DS is rapidly moving towards climbing out of his cot, though he's not quite walking independently yet (he's worked out he can stand on his teddies to get higher - clever little bugger!) & it's just got me thinking. He's only just turned 1 though & seems very early. Thanks smile

I think it depends.

DS1 was about 18 months because he'd learned how to climb out of his cot and was doing it regularly but we are only just now starting the transition with DS2 and he's 22 months.

I think I learned alot from what happened last time when we transitioned so am alot more calm about things like getting out of bed. LOL Having said that, he's only had 2 sleeps in there so far; the first night he was only in bed for about 5 hours before he ended up back in his cot when he woke up screaming the house down at 1am! Last night was his first whole night in his bed but it took him over an hour to fall asleep and then he was up at 5:25 which he hasn't been in about a month (he's been doing 7-7 roughly). So he's having a nap now in his cot because that's where he wants to be and we're not making a big deal about it. I'd be happy to keep DS2 in his cot for as long as he needs it (within reason of course like being not being too big for it).

If you are worried about him climbing out of the cot do you have pillows or blankets that you can create a "landing zone" with so if he does fall out hopefully he doesn't hurt himself that badly? Just a thought..........then again, DS1 was so good at getting out and not hurting himself not sure why we thought that meant he was ready for a bed. LOL

This is DS (17 months) 5th night in his big bed! So far so good, touch wood. He has never been a great sleeper so getting up to him once a night is no big deal and nothing new.
When hubby and I finally decided it was time (he was getting to big and getting all caught up in the bars of the cot) we set the bed up in his room and let him get used to it by sitting on it and playing or reading. Then we bought a gate so he cant get out of his room (two storey house and worried he might fall down the stairs if he gets out) and took the cot down so that once he was in the bed there was no going back no matter how hard it was.
Fingers crossed he loves his new bed for a while yet! Good luck with your little one!
I think a lot of ppl do it at around the two year mark but there's no rush in doing it any earlier unless you want to or if your DS is able to climb over the cot rail.

I am near the stage that you are. My DS is 13months but my problem is he is really tall and outgrowing his cot. I am waiting a little longer until he is confident walking.

My sister had 3 children and the first 2 were very close. The oldest starting walking at 9 months so was very confident. She was moved to a big bed at 14months and was fine. I think the idea is that they are confident walking. I plan on buying a bed with a trundle which will come in handy when friends are over later so I will put DS in a trundle for a while anyway.
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