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Routine for a 16 month old Rss

Just wondering if anyone could tell me what their routine is for their little one? My little girl still gets fed to sleep every night which is starting to work less and less so she is going to sleep later and later but still getting up early.

I have another little one due in 15 weeks so would love to sort out our bedtime / nap routine before hand. Any examples etc would be a great help! smile

We are doing the same routine since my son was 13 months old (he is now 20 months old). It works pretty well. As you will see, we only give milk once a day, before going to bed at night. He never warmed to the idea of having milk during the daytime meals and I never saw any harm in giving him the milk at night - assuming that you brush the teeth afterwards and put him awake to bed, obviously.
I also have to say that I leave him to cry for at least 10min at bedtime before going in again. That said, he usually doesn't cry because he knows that we take bedtime very seriously and that there is no way that he is allowed to play. When introducing the routine, I was very strict about it - I'm getting a bit softer now... smile

5:30am Wake up (unfortunately he only needs 10h30min sleep). But I leave him in his cot for another 30min.
6:00am Night light switches on, he is allowed out of bed. Weetbix for Breakfast.
9:30 Morning Tea
11:30 Lunch
12:00 Nap (he sleeps 1h20min or 2h)
2:30 Afternoon Tea
4:30 Snack (he gets really hungry in the afternoon)
6:00 Dinner
6:30 Bath
7:00 Sippy cup of milk, teeth brushing, one lullaby song, BED!!!
(If he wakes at night, I wait at least 10min before offering some water and a cuddle. Usually he goes back to sleep by himself - I get up every 10 days or so).
DD is 14.5 months and here is her routine:
7/7.30 wake up, breakfast (dry cereal/frozen blueberries/water)
9am morning tea
11/11.30 lunch
12/12.30 nap
3 arvo tea
4.30 bath
5 dinner
5.30/6pm bed

After her bath I don't allow any rowdy play. After dinner we brush teeth, read some books and just hang out. Is your daughter BF? Can she have a sippy cup of milk to go to bed with?

my 15.5 month old daughter has recently started having one sleep during the day. Her routine is now as follows:

7-8am wake up (7am on days i work, sleep in other days!)
8am breakfast
10am snack
11.30am lunch
12.30pm sleep (2-3 hours)
3.30pm snack
5.30pm dinner
6pm bath
6.30pm cup of milk
7pm bed

Good for you TinaV. You sound like you have it down pat. Our routine is basicly the same as you. Our baby is 16 months and has had this routine since 6 months. She had dinner at 5pm then bath at 5.30pm then bed 6pm. Have taken her dummy away 3 wks ago so cries for a little but has not had it back.
I think my younger mother's group friend's think I'm strict but it works for us.
[Edited on 22/08/2009]

Schedule for my 16MO son, now that he has dropped to one nap a day is this... hope it helps smile
**also expecting our next son in about 10 weeks so wanted to try and have a comfortable happy routine in place for our first if possible**

7:30am - Wakes up & has breakfast
8/8:30am - Play time, activities & adventure time
11/11:30am - snack OR lunch depending on our morning / afternoon plans.
12pm - nap (roughly 2 hours give or take)
2:30pm - snack OR lunch depending on what was given prior to nap.
4:30/5pm - dinner time
5:30pm - bath / shower with Dad
6:15pm - read books, bed time by 6:30pm.

Hope this helps in some way smile
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