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2year old still on breastmilk Lock Rss

my little girl is still on breastmilk and i tried putting something that doesn't taste to good on there but she knows and makes me clean it off
she sleeps in bed with me and wakes up after about 3hrs sleep wanting it and then when i do she sleeps again and then wakes up nearly every hour which is very annoying.
i've only ever had 2 straight night sleeps with her other than that i'm awake all the time.
As her father made me keep her quiet at night.
but now i'm out of that stressful sitution for about month i though she'd get over it.
i guess she isn't as bad as before.
but i just feel like a cow she just wants it all the time as well as the day.
anyone got any tips
Hi Tinklebell,
My son was born a Big boy and nomatter how much baby formular he had it was NEVER enough and as i could not get him to breast feed it got quite expensive at times. So what i tried was cows milk full cream and i found he loved it, my parents and grandparents were bought up on cows milk and it caused no harm so i tried it and had good luck.. Hope this can help..

Nicole, NSW,19mth boy

thanks nicole
but she doesn't really like cows milk she only ever has it once in a while even if i offer it to her everyday she just doesn't want it
i guess when she is ready she will stop
i think its just a comfort thing as my ex parnter was always drinking at night and being verbal abuvise so i guess it stressed her out she is getting better now we are not there anymore. but thanks for your advice i appreicate it
Thats no prob.. I guess u will have 2 try and wean her off the breast. Why don't you try flavoured milk or even try 2 give her 2 parts milk and 1 part water 2 try and get her use 2 it. Other wise i hope u have luck getting her 2 try something else..
Cheers Nicole.

Nicole, NSW,19mth boy

Firstly Id just like to say good on you for still breastfeeding. I stopped at 20mths and now actually wish I was still going. I really miss the closeness and comfort I could provide as well as the nutrients. What I have forgotten (amazingly) is how uncomfortable and irritated I was getting and also the night time waking up just like you.
I had actually posted here for help too because I thought I would never stop, but it eventually happened. My little one hated cows milk but I tried everyday, in all different shaped cups, with straws, anything to grab her attention. In the end the only way she had cows milk was in the car while I was driving. So thats what I did until she got used to having it. Next I cut down her feeds which took about 2 months, down to the feed before sleep. It took me a while to get the courage to break up this special bond, but one night I sat her down and spoke to her about how she was a big girl now, and she doesnt need mummies milk anymore, and she can now hug bear and go to sleep. I was shocked when she nodded ok, and went to sleep by herself.
Thats how it has been now since then, and she sleeps all through the night. If you really want to stop just keep slowly trying and you will get there, good luck.

Catrinna, VIC, 17mth baby

Oops sorry I forgot to mention when I stopped feeding her I did also but mustard on my nipples and told her they dont work anymore, otherwise she would still be trying.

Catrinna, VIC, 17mth baby

My son is exactly the same as your little girl Tinkerbell. He wakes up every two or three hours for feeds. I have been told it is a sleep association, where he thinks he can't fall asleep without having the breast. I suppose i am like a dummy for him, but he won't take a bottle and he won't take a dummy he knows the difference straight away.
Plus sleeping with me makes things even harder, i have had the cot in my room in the room next door, back in my room etc, but have'nt had much luck with him in it, he can cry for up to three hours constantly, he will go to sleep after that, but is very insecure for days after that, just wanting to be picked up all the time.
but in the long run i feel that i will just have to slog it out and let him cry, it is just a matter of being strong and getting on with it - but on what day ? Hopefully one day soon!

Jules, Qld, 19month bub

I'm still breastfeeding my little girl who is now 15 months,she wakes up only once though the night but still can have 3-4 feed's a day. she won't take cow's milk or mothers milk from a bottle or cup, will drink water & juice from a cup (loves milkshakes, too much sugar) so I was getting worried, what am I to do if she won't drink milk breastfeed for ever!!!
Well I'm told if she is having yogurt, cheese anything heatlhy from the dairy group,I'm not to worry about her not drinking cow's milk, aslong as she eating these, she will be fine,


Tracy mother of 21mth + 15year

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