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Getting a 19 month old out of your bed at night Lock Rss

WORST MISTAKE I HAVE MADE!!!! Our 19 month old has been in our bed for around 3 months now EVERY night. It started when she was sick with a cold so we just bought her in and now we have bought her her own single bed but dont know how to transfer her over in an easy way which wont disturb her that much, but meanwhile i am due for our 2nd baby in 10 weeks so want it happening as soon as possible. Anyone with any feedback please get back to me.
I have the same problem and would also like some advice on this. My 16 month old daughter goes to bed in her cot but after about an hour she wakes up screaming and won't settle until I put her in my bed. I have tried putting her back in her cot but she only wakes up crying until she comes back to my bed.

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