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How do you swap to a big bed?? Lock Rss

We are planning on putting DS in a big bed very soon, but I'm not sure how to go about it......his cot turns into a toddler bed, so has a rail once the cot side comes off. Should I just start with that & make the change that way?? We are planning bub #2 & I want plenty of time to make the transition so DS is comfortable.......

Hi, We put DD in a normal single bed at 11 months, no2 was on the way so i wanted plenty on time for her to get used to it as well. She helped us take her cot apart and put her bed together, she had no problems at all. We put the cot mattress on the floor next to the bed and rolled up a couple of towels and put under her bottom sheet to stop her from going over the edge. She fell out a couple of times.
I guess if the cot turnes into a bed you could use it for a little while and then once no2 is on the way get a normal single one and put the cot away so its forgotten about.

Good luck, it's easier than you think

ds made the transition from his cot to his king size single with hardly any fuss. the first day was very hard but after that we had no trouble. The trouble started once his little sister was brought home from the hospital. Good luck...
we put my DS in a bed (which was his cot that converted) when he turned 2, and he was ready. We made no fuss about it, just said, this is your big boy bed, and then did the same night time routine and put him to bed. He had no issues and went straight to sleep. No issues, because we made no issue of it.
We swapped DD's into a bed at 21 months because DD2 was climbing over the side of her cot.. was worried she would hurt herself.
They were ready for it and they have not made a fuss at all. They don't go to sleep straight away very often, but we close their door and they go to sleep after playing for a little while.

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