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Bedtime battle with 3yr old Lock Rss

My DD's are only 2 but we have similar problems.
In our house Controlled crying or ignoring doesn't work. We also will sit near there bed for about 15 mins till they drift off. I'd much prefer that then to hear them screaming or crying for me.
Even if i don't have 15 mins to spare and there is a huge list of things for me to do, i still find the time as it makes me just sit and think for a few mins. Kids grow up so quickly and it won't be long till they don't need you anymore. So i make the time to enjoy them while i can.

Thank you all so much for your advice, just an update, I have completely cut out her day sleep (unless we have to go out late at night), she is exhausted by the end of the day and not much fun to be around, but she is getting better and much easier to put to bed. Usually takes around 5 minutes with a book and story to settle her and she is off the sleep, not sure if it will last but in the short term it has given us a bit of nighttime peace again. She gets up at aroun 7 each morning and I try to have her in bed by 7 at night, seems to be working, fingers crossed.....
well done....we did the same. For us the day nap meant increasingly late (and increasingly hard) bedtimes...and its not really fair to expect kids to go to bed easily when they are not tired. the difficulty in the afternoons will ease....u just need to try and manage/balance day activities so they don't get overtired.

Alot of my friends have their kids in daycare and the daycare centres still encourage all kids to have a nap after lunch...but at 3yo most don't need it and so their kids are up til 9pm+ at night or a nightmare to settle. Its such easy money for the carers having all the kids asleep so why would they stop!!!
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