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can get out of bed just can't get in? Lock Rss

My 21 month old daughter has been in her bed since DEC 05 the problem is I used to pat her to sleep which took anywhere from 1/2hr to 1.5hr. After many arguements whith her father we have gone back to (not control crying, I didn't like it) but to what the super nanny does, by staying in the room near the door or something like that. I feel it will be successful but will be slow. She knows what to do but plays with her toys, when she does goes to sleep she wakes again 2-4hrs later gets out of bed crying she can't get back in as the bed is too high to climb back up for her, so I then have to go put her back in and put her to sleep which takes 1/2hr. I have thought of getting a little step for the bed, which I haven't done that yet but thought I would ask for some advice if that is right or wrong to do?

21 month old

Maybe she is just to tired to be able to pull her little body up into the bed. I have a folded up blanket at the end of the bed to use as a "step" I am guessing it is partly a way to get mummies attention though. I read in another post about the giving their child 3 chances and the door gets shut. I hate closed doors but I have done it and it works well. She has lights strung across her ceiling (they are actually pretty stars from chiristmas) and they light up the room enough so she is not in the dark. Most of the time if I come in about half an hour later she is off to sleep - once she was sitting on her bed playing with her doll and we started the merry dance all over again. She is told 1st chance etc and knows that after the 3rd the lights go on and the door gets shut. I go back in if she starts crying and sit and resettle her. Its hard but it does work 90% of the time.


I had the same problem with my little tacker. I got one of those cheap little stools you get from the supermarket or K-Mart/BigW it worked a, funny little creatures of habit that they are!) Because it was lightweight she could move it around. We had to take it with us if we went to stay at Grandma's house as even though that bed was shorter and she could probably get in it fine, she still had to use her special stool!
It only took a couple of weeks until she had the confidence to get up by herself.

I can't guarantee it will solve the complete problem, I must add that I used the sit in the bedroom trick you are talking about and it only took 3 nights (the first night was a horror though, 10 minutes felt like an eternity, but suprisingly that's all it took!!)

Hi laurenh I think a step ladder would be perfect for your daughter and she would might sleep better if she know that if she got out of bed for something and without waking you up instead she could put herself back to bed and she might also feel all grown up.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

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