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at what age do children usually drop from two day sleeps to one? Lock Rss

I'm having a bit of trouble with my twins at the moment, as they are nearly 17 months old, and one of them seems to only need one day sleep (as long as it's at least 2 hours long), yet the other still needs two. I was just wondering at what age generally do babies usually drop from 2 to 1 day sleep, and is it a long process that can change from day to day, or does it generally happen fairly easily? I refuse to have my twins sleeping at alternating times as I never get anything done if this happens!! I guess I will have to try to keep my little girl up a bit longer so maybe she can keep up with her brother. And I'll offer her a little nap in the afternoon if she needs one.
Love to hear from anyone with ideas, views on the subject?
both my boys were around 18months although i find with my younger son he can sometimes fall asleep around 11am but i try and drag him out till after lunch so they go down together. i am the same i dont have twins but i have a three year old a 21month old and 5 weeks old and i make sure that they are all down together after lunch so i can catch my breath at least once in the day.

if i were you i would try and drag her out so they both go down together. i found that i had to take my sons dummy away and keep it just for bed as if he has it around the house he falls alseep early. i usualy try and get them into an activity around 11am while a prepare lunch so they are kept busy as they are getting tired then its lunch and bed.

Hope this helps a little
Good luck

Kathryn - Zack-4, Toby-2 & Molly 1

I would also like to know the answer to that question but I suspect all babies aere different. My 13 month old has been waking early(see my post dated 22.4.06). I have just dropped her down to one sleep from two and although she sometimes struggles to make it until after lunch, she has been sleeping better at night and waking later. I still think my daughter may be too young for one sleep, but it seems to be working, I just have to keep her occupied and stimulated from about 9am till 11am when I give her lunch. I think it very wise to keep them napping together. I have 3 friends with twins and they all put them down together. I find that if I get out of the house and into a different environment, my daughter manages much better and then we come home in time for lunch or I sometimes give her lunch out depending where we are. She goes down for her nap at 12.30 and generally sleepd till 2.30pm.
Good luck


Hi Twinsmum,

My DD dropped to one sleep at 12 months so you are lucky to have got to 17 months. She would have happily gone to bed at 10:30 am but then would be cranky in the late afternoon cos she was really tired. Over the period of two weeks, I gradually made sleep time 15 mins later every couple of days until she was going to bed at twelve. I gave her some morning tea around 10am to keep her busy and then we would play outside or go to the park until 11:30 when she would have lunch. Then it was off to bed.

Now she goes down at 1pm and wakes between 3:30 and 4. Its heaps better cos she doesn't get grumpy and she goes to bed at 6:30pm which leaves DH and myself lots of time to ourselves.

Although I think she may be starting to try to drop her day sleep. Over the last few weeks there have been a number of days where she calls out "MUM" and "UP" for over an hour before I go in and tell her that she is not going to get up until she has had a sleep. Has anyone else's toddler dropped a day sleep this early or is she just testing the boundaries?

Sorry for the long reply.

Carly - mummy to Alyssa, Ava and Mason

wow your lucky to get that long out of them my little boy is nearly 11mths and usually only has 1 sleep he sleeps for an hour late am/ early pm depending on wat we r doing.

he will sometimes sleep 4 1/2 an hour from about 4.30 then bed for the night at 8.30


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