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never slept through at 13 months Lock Rss

my son has never ever slept through yet he is 13 months. He still will only ever sleep 3 to four hours max most times 2 hrs. then he wakes and we settle him by breast or rocking. will he ever sleep through ?
13 months? I'm impressed that you are still coping with it. I hope you can improve this soon!

Looks like a problem with his sleep associations. After each cycle he wakes and the looks out for his sleep cues. If he only knows how to fall asleep while rocked or fed, he needs you to provide exactly that...
There is no need to brutally change this behaviour if you have been able to stand it for so long. You can for example follow the suggestions in Elizabeth Pantley's The No-Cry Sleep Solution. Start with the naps first and gently teach him to fall asleep by himself.

Good luck!
Don't worry!! It took my daughter until 30 months and then she started sleeping through the night. We put a night light in her room (a turtle that projects stars onto the ceiling) and she has her favourite teddies in bed with her.

We did this without controlled crying (not even once) and although it took a loooonnnggg time, we feel happy that we didn't have to put her through that (or ourselves).

But we were tired for a very long time as well...

Louise - mum to toddler Cadence smile]

Crikey You poor thing. Hate to say it but I believe you're encouraging him to wake as you're rewarding him with a feed. He shouldn't be having any night feeds. Definately do some reading on sleep problems & how best to resolve this. there are lots of books out there. I tried Elizabeth Pantley as I didn't want to leave him to cry but that didn't work for me as I got frustrtated & needed a quicker solution, so we engaged the help of a sleep consultant which involved sleeping in my sons room for a few weeks solid & when he woke I had to ignore him. It was re-teaching him how to resettle and it worked brilliantly. Of course you can only do this if they're not sick etc. He now sleeps through the night on his own. Good luck. Do try to get some help as sleep deprivation takes all the fun out of being a mummy smile

Im going thur the same problem but mine can put himself to sleep at the beginning of the night but he wakes during the night for a bottle if I dont give it to him he crys and doesnt stop .

I took him to Dalwood on syd northern beaches last week and was given 3 options

1- let him grow out of it
2 -start to decrease the amount in the bottle by 20mls per night till nothing is left
3- cold turkey take bottle away no more at night

Im trying the 2nd option at the moment fingers crossed

cheers jean

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