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??nightmares??? Lock Rss

my 20 months old girl has slept thru the night since she was 10wks old, but now we put her to bed at 8pm like normal but approximatly 2hours later she woken in hystrerics. she done it three times in a week now i takes over half an hour to settle her down again.

i just wanted to know if anyones elses kids have expreienced this.
And was anything done or has it passed, i dont know if its nightmares

teegan_wa_ cheyenne 26/10/04 & domenic10/2/06

hi,we have a 19 month old girl who has done this to us on numerous occassions. We have no idea what causes it but have found that picking her up to calm her down is a bad thing( i got a fat lip). We just let it go and feel helpless. Sometimes we notice it coinsides with a new tooth coming though. Who knows??????? It is a shame they can't tell us.
I wish I could give you an answer.
If you find a reason why this is happening we would love to be in on the secet. Goodluck.

Rachel,Vic,19mnth&2mnth babes

I've been having the same problem with my daughter since she was 18mths (now 21mths).
5 out of 7 nights she was waking up!
I have now got it down to 1-2 out of 7 nights...
(it is mostly only dummy related now or smaller 'bad dreams').
I asked at CYH and she said it might be related to her loosing the dummy OR she might need something t help relax her like massage or scents (lavender) in the room. (if you bath before bed - the warmth followed by a bottle, if find helps a lot!)
Also I tried putting calm music in her room as she went to sleep. It didn't help much with kids or classical muisic (she would often wake up more and hum along to the tune) but I bought a CD with 'rain forest & beach music' with birds and water falling on trees or ocean waves, etc.
Before she went to bed I would give her a bath with the scent of lavender or other calming stuff (huggies now sell 'calming body wash' Also there is a spray you can get from The Body Shop to put over the linen in their room).
Hi my 2 year old has only slept through the night a couple of times since he turned one. Being pregnant last year was harder than it should of been due to me trying to settle him down 2 or 3 times a night. No one has been able to tell me what to do, except for "he'll grow out of it". We tried changing he's diet, changing dinner time and changing beds. Sorry nothing seemed to help, we evern changed house (not for him). When you find out what to do, let me know please. Cheers

Suzi, Vic, mother of 2

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