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Scared to go to Sleep! Lock Rss

Hi All!!

I have a 28 month old son and up until Saturday week ago went to sleep in his bed in the dark no worries!!

Now, all of a sudden he is scared and wants me to stay with (I don't) but I do lay on my bed across the hall and watch TV from there! This is not really helping that much!!

He tells me he sees bombs everywhere!! He only watch Playschool and maybe the Wiggles. He only watches maximum 2 hours ago of TV!! So I don't know where bombs come from!!

Any ideas?? Has anyone had this problem??


Hi Maria,

As I've mentioned in my post "nightmares" in this area. I have had on and off problems with my 27month old (only she doesn't really talk yet so I can't even tell if it is actually nighmares or not)?

This sounds terrible but I was so tired one night and nothing would console her, so I just closed her door and let her cry (mind you I think I fell asleep and Dad came to the rescue and sat on her bed for a little while). Funnily enough I think it kind of worked (in a cruel way some may think). I think she realised that mum wasn't really going to be much help and perhaps has learnt to settle herself better??

Maybe it's another area they try to test the boundaries with (it's the only reason I could come up with, it being so out of the blue, as like you we had no problems with bed-times. It was always bath/book/bed no worries!)

I hope it's just a phase for you and I hope you can work out the "bomb" thing. Hopefully it's something you can reverse or work out how he can make them go away?


Have you tried a spray bottle of " special bomb spray (water) " to magically get rid of the bombs as part of the bedtime ritual?

Have heard of this for monsters and boogie men so maybe it might work for bombs?

Good luck!

Carly - mummy to Alyssa, Ava and Mason

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