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My son wont stay in his own bed Rss

Hi i have a 19 month old son and no matter what we try he will not stay in his bed... When i gave birth the ladys in the hospital would hand my son 2 me when he would cry NO matter what time it was. Since he is our first child i would become stressed as i'm a person who NEEDS 8 - 10hrs sleep so on the 3rd night i was so stressed that when he woke for his 4am feed the midwife just put him in to bed with me and said he just wanted mummy.So
once he was fed and we were comfortable we both went to sleep and from that point on we would snuggle up for his feed and have a sleep together. So now this is our problem our son will not let his daddy put him to bed he kicks and screams for ages but if i pick him up he'll goto sleep with in minutes but as soon as i put him into his cot he wakes up. I have tried controlled crying, more/less milk, giving him a secutiry item even putting on his nite lite and going in to check on him every 5 - 7mins. So to get some sleep i put his cot into our room and once he is sound asleep i move him back into his own room but as soon as 1:30am onwards comes he wakes up and it all begins AGAIN... So PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!!!!

Nicole, NSW,19mth boy

Hi Nicole,

Is he tired when he goes to bed? Does he have an afternoon nap and if so how long for??

Ella is 21 months old and will sleep NOW most nights in her own bed, but if she's not ready for sleep there is no way we can keep her there. I find if she has a sleep any later than around 1pm there is no way I can get her to bed at 6.30pm.
She's never been a big day sleeper so the most she will sleep is 40 minutes during the day (if I'm lucky) but then atleast she is really tired at night for bed.

I read he's still in a cot, maybe he would sleep better in a bed.

Ella hated her cot, wouldn't go to sleep in it and as soon as we movedher into her own big bed she was a totally different baby. Maybe this is worth a go too.

Best of luck.

Louise, Brisbane Qld. Mum to Ella and Luca

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