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4 yr old always had sleep issues Lock Rss

Hi, not sure where to post this as my daughter is no longer a "baby" or "toddler", but I am at my wits end.

She is 4 now, but from day 1 we have always had problems with her sleeping. To begin with, she wouldnt even sleep in the hospital bassinet, so for the 5 days I was in hospital, she was right there beside me, the whole time.

Then when we brought her home, we always had to cuddle her to sleep, then do the arm test to make sure she was asleep, otherwise as soon as we put her down she would wake up.

She started sleeping through in her cot, from when she was 9wks old (we drove from Cairns to Hervey Bay ((4 days)) And was ok from then until we moved house when she was about 6mths old.

Since then, she has never slept a full night in her own bed.

Even after we moved her up into her "big" bed when she was 1, she would go off to sleep ok then wake up constantly during the night. It got to the stage where we couldnt be bothered getting up to her umpteen times a night, so until her 4th birthday, she slept with us.

For her 4th birthday, we changed her room into a tinkerbell room which she loves and is quite happy to go to sleep there, but again, I am up to her a minimum of 5 times a night and it's just wearing me down. She is always waking up screaming, but doesnt seem to be fully awake as, as soon as i lay her down again, she goes straight back to sleep. We discovered the other night she has started sleepwalking, we have found her wandering around the kitchen, lounge room, her room and last night came to our room.

She has limited speech, so when i ask her why she is awake, she just replies "scared", or "i duno".

I am at a loss, has anyone been through something similar, or has any ideas what we can do to help her sleep through the night.

Thank you.

I am not sure where you are but I would suggest you get yourself to a sleep specialist and a do a sleep study a soon as possible. With the help of a great Dr we got our 3 yr old into a sleep specialist in Southern Sydney last year as she was still not sleeping through, very restless sleeper, anxious, behaviour problems. We'd ruled out health issues and basically our Dr said that a 3 yr old should be sleeping through and if she wasn't there had to be a reason. The sleep study confirmed she has sleep apnea and restless leg sydnrome which led to her having extremely poor quailty sleep. Her sleep apnea isn't bad enough that she noticably stops breathing, but enough to disturb her sleep. That with her restless legs which does the same thing means her sleep is being disturbed numerous times every hour.
Like you we use to think she needed comfort etc. She also had night terrors, night mares, very anxious during the day, loads of symptoms that we put down to her just being her but now know it's related to these conditions.
Poor sleep can cause behavioural problems, in fact they are finding that many kids diagnosed with ADHD actually have a sleep disorder, most commonly sleep apnea, and also can cause learning imparement long term.
The solution to both our problems is simple, tonsils out (we are on the waiting list)and for her restless legs - iron supplements. Her behaviour has dramatically improved already and I kick myself that we didn't do this earlier.
I hope you get some answers soon but I can't recommend a sleep study enough.
I've also had such an experience. My son woke up at nights and often refused to sleep. We visited a pediatrician, followed her advice: changed son's room, crib, put classical music, took him to massage therapy... It helped a little, but not totally.
Then the problem has disappeared the way it had arisen.
There was a point in doctor's advice that made me keep calm. She said if a child is having sleep even with interruptions, there is no need to worry so much.
So, don't get confused, it's typical of many children. They wake up regularly and it seems they haven't slept during that day at all smile
Just make sure your child gets adequate sleep, as researchers have found that it prevents diabetes. Look:
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