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27mth old boy sleep question. Lock Rss

Hi, Sorry that this is very similar to what others have been posting ive been madly reading to see if similar)
My son is usually a great sleeper and has been since he was born. I really couldnt complain compared to some stories i have heard. He was put into a big boy little bed when he was 2 as he is tall. He has enjoyed it and loves sleeping there... Ive had to take the side rails off but its close to the ground. He is an acive sleeper and moves around a lot. I do wonder if the rails not being there contributes to him waking. He manages to come to me at or between 12-4 in the morning.. sometimes i can put him straight back in bed and other times he runs to hubby's side yelling no no no... Im on holidays at the mo and have not had a sleep in past 6:40am... He wakes up every morning at 6... Am not too sure what to do as hubby is a light sleeper and is getting annoyed... I havent put a gate at his door yet and am wondering if that would work (hoping for comments or suggestions on that one)
He has a nap at creche the same time everyday and loves going, so i know that creche not a prob.. His bedtime routine is pretty regular. betweem 7:30/8:30. has shower, bottle story and bed... so it can change but only on rare occasions..
i hope that someone has similar probs and can tell me their successes...
Sorry its long
it could just be a phase he is going through maybe. my DS has been a great sleeper up until december, then every couple of weeks he will have a few bad nights and do a similar thing, although he isn't in a bed yet, he just screams in his cot until we go to him. the normal settling techniques we used to use just don't seem to do the trick.

in the last week i have been experimenting with the length of his day nap - i used to just let him go as long as it took him to wake him up, but then i decided some days he might be going too long (sometimes it was 3 hours), so i researched how long he should be having in a 24 hour period, and he was having a bit too much sleep. so i now wake him up after exactly 2 hours and it seems to have worked a treat.

maybe his sleep needs have changed a bit and he doesn't need as much during the day?

re the safety gate, you could try it, but he will probably just stand at the gate and scream until you go to him. although if you can put up with that for a few nights he might just eventually decided its better to go back to bed, but that depends on if you and your DH agree with that sort of settling technique.

good luck with it!

I know that it could be a phase... He has moments that are great and then goes off.. Im wondering if lately it has been coz of easter hols and he has been busy and not slept at his usual times.... He averages around 2 hrs at creche... he came home soooo tired today and we did our usual routine.. as we were having a story on the couch before bed, he rolled over and went to sleep on his own. So into bed he went.. so hopefully being abck at creche it will settle him agian.
As for the gate, we have been told about them and are ready to have the screaming til he gets used to it. i dont think it can be worse than now..
So i thank you and have solice knowing that others are the same as me...
I thank you for relpying and am just hoping that when the school hols are on the next time, i may get a sleep in one day....
My DD was started doing the same thing. She is 25 mths old, turns out she was cold. Didn't really occur to us, but now that its getting cooler in the early hours of the morning it has been waking her. One extra layer and a pair of socks did the trick. She doesn't tend to stay under the blankets so we try to make sure she is warm enough if she gets out from under the covers.

Try that, cant hurt.

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My daughter (now 3 1/2 yrs) started having problems with sleeping around 2yrs of age. Normally was a very good sleeper, but had problems getting her to stay in bed. We would get cranky with her when she would come out of the bedroom, so she would fall asleep behind the door (looking under it). It was tricky getting the door open, but once she was asleep we would put her back into bed again. Then, she would wak crying during the night, which we would have to go and settle her, sometimes offer a mouthful of water if needed, or a nappy change if needed. Sometimes we would find her crying on the couch or on the floor in our bedroom...

My son (now 23mths) is starting to go through the same thing. Won't stay in bed - keeps coming out. Our crankiness doesn't seem to bother him in the least - he keeps coming out. So, for the last 3 nights, I have stood at the door for approx half hour holding onto the door handle so he can't open it. Eventually he gives up, realises that it is bed and puts himself back into bed and goes to sleep. This was a much better option (that hubby & I could see the funny side of) rather than getting cranky & yelling at him, etc. I will see how it goes in the next week (if it eases), otherwise contemplating buying a door handle that I can lock to save me standing at the door for half an hour, which I will of course unlock once he is asleep in case he needs to get out during the night. He has been waking crying during the night also, which he requires resettling and then goes off to sleep again. He is an early riser - bout 6am. Our two share a bedroom so we use the other bedroom as a toy room - which works great. If either of the kiddies wake early, we have managed to teach them to go and play in the toy room rather than wake us up. Took a few months to work up to - but well worth it, especially on the weekends when we want to sleep in till 7.30!!!

I think it is a phase they go through, it lasted about 6mths with my daughter. I am not sure if they start dreaming which wakes them. Towards the end, my daughter started saying things like 'i lost you mummy' or 'the monster is getting me'. They just need to get used to the dreams, realise that it's not real, and resettle themselves. Ocaasionaly my daughter still wakes crying during the night, but by the time I get in to her, she has already calmed down and gone back to sleep. When they do wake crying, if they are still in bed, it is worth waiting a moment before going in to see if they resettle themselves - if you go in too quick, they start playing on it as a way to get mummy's attention and cuddles during the night...

hope this helps!
Try a gate at the door. My little boy is an excellent sleeper but refused to sleep in the big boys bed. It got to the point where he could no longer fit in the cot, but still refused. I had to say that the mattress fairy took the cot mattress and he moved into his big boy bed. There were a few tears at first, but I put the gate on his door and told him that I would lock him in the room if he didn't stay in the bed. He stays in the bed and during the middle of the night I close the gate to make sure he doesn't come out too early in the morning. It has worked well for us.
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