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Is 15 months too young for a big bed? Lock Rss

I'm contemplating trying my 15 month old in a bed to see if she sleeps better during the night. Recently she was looked after by various family members for three weeks sleeping in a portacot and only woke on three nights (dummy in and straight back to sleep) but since being back home and in her cot she's back to waking up every night at least once. I've worked out it is generally because she hits the side of the cot.
Any thoughts or suggestions??
My DD is 15months and I wouldn't put her in a big bed shes far too wild lol all she does all night is roll around and around we've actually caught her sitting against the side of the cot haha. Maybe try bumpers instead to soften the blow? I guess it would depend on how still she sleeps i guess.
hmmmm prob wont be much good atm if she is hitting the side of the cot she will only hit the rail you put up or fall out IYKWIM??
DD went into a toddlers bed at 16 months with no side rail and into a big girls bed at right on 2 years and she has been fantastic so might be worth a try smile
my sister gave me my nephews cot when he was 15 months and put him in a big bid with a safety rail. she only did it because i was a couple of months away from having DS and she had offered me the cot. he went alright with it, but still woke in the night some nights, and had trouble going to sleep in there at the start of the night, and they used to have too sit next to him in the dark until he fell asleep. some nights it would take an hour and they would end up falling asleep on the floor next to him.

if your DS is bumping into the side of the cot and waking up, he will prob just do the same in a bed and bump into the wall, or the safety rail if you were planning on putting one up, otherwise rolling out of bed. but all kids are different i suppose, so the only way you will know is by trying it.

for us it would never have worked, we tried when DS was 20 months and it was a nightmare, we didn't even get through the first hour before we put him back in the cot. he's now 22 months and still in it, and we have bought a new cot for the new bub due in august so if DS is still in the cot then it doesn't matter too much.

I had the same problem with my lad from about 16 months (his cot was very noisy and he used to belt it and wake himself up). I thought he was too young to put in a bed (as everyone was telling me it would be silly to try), so I left him in the cot and didn't get much sleep. At 20 months he told me he wanted to sleep in the bed (I had a mattress on the floor for the really bad nights. I let him, he rolled out of bed once each night for the first two nights and has never done it since (but he has slept through from the first night!). Go with your gut, wish I did, I would have had a whole lot more sleep earlier!! Good luck!
Hi, I put my little man in to his own big bed at 13 months. He is very active, walking, running, climbs on top of the kitchen table. you name it. He is now 15 months.
I got him a low single bed (Malm from ikea) he can easierly climb up and down on/off it. he has never fallen out.
I do find him in all sorts of positions tho. I have placed the cot matress against the wall and the bed, so he doesn't hit the wall and wake himself.
I leave a star light on (also from ikea) so he can see at night.
When he wakes through the night he gets off the bed and goes to the babygate at his door to call me.
It took me a month to get him used to falling asleep in it. now he just grabs his tiger and heads off to bed himself.

I suppose it depends on your little ones character and intellegence level.

I say you can only try, what you don't teach them, they loose. Just don't put a doner on there yet.

Hope it helps.
Cheers SJ
Both my boy were 19 months when they went into a bed due to a baby on the way and the cot being needed. Both were all over the place in the cot but settled into a bed first night no problems. I have no rails or bumpers and number 2 has fallen out on the carpet 2 times, but I put him back in bed and he goes off to sleep no problems.

I think it's individual but I really don't see the value of rails. A girlfriend of mine reckons it simply delayed the 'stay in bed' training with her son. He is 4 1/2 and still needs a rail.
We put our boy in a bed at 11months. He screaming everytime he even went near his cot!! We used a double bed size futon until we got him a regular single bed which worked out well for him to get used to. He would lye down on the bed with him to sleep and if he woke up at night we would just lay down next to him. It was nice and low to the ground, we just put a couple of pillows along the edge to so he couldnt just roll over the side. (He never rolled off) Considering he is a very restless sleeper this is surprising. Now he is in a single bed (custom made the legs are shorter so its low to the floor) He hasnt fallen out of it yet and is now 17months old. He moves a lot in his sleep and we hear him banging on the wall at night, I think he has just got to know that if he rolls too close the edge he might fall off.
Hope this helps.
Good luck on the transistion.
We moved our son (who is now 18months) out of the cot and onto a double mattress on the floor when he was 12 months for the reason he kept waking cos he would knock the sides of the cot. It didnt take him long before he got use to sleeping on the mattress as it suited him - he is a very restless sleeper and he was climbing the cot so we made the decision of keeping the mattress on the floor. He would only wake once at night and it was easy for us to lay next to him til he settled back to sleep. We have a queen bed waiting for him to start using but I am reluctant to do so for the fear of him falling out of it even with a bed rail. We will be sticking with the mattress on the floor idea for another few months, but if you do do this make sure to air the mattress from time to time. I know a mattress on the floor may not look 'decent' and proper but when it comes to sleep time he runs to his room and doesnt have to manage a climb into bed.
We shifted our 10 month old into the porta cot because she does the same thing. She would wake up two to three times a night just from hitting the sides. We tried the protector sides but she could still feel the railing. Now that she is 12 months old we have been looking at the beds as well. You could modify a low expandable baby bed by adding railing around the sides
which could be removed once you bub is comfortable sleeping in a big bed.
My nephew was 19months when he fell out of a single bed. When my sister took him to the hospital (he broke his arm), she got the poo poo ripped out of her because they don't believe a child should be in a single bed until they are 5. Up until then they should be in a toddler bed.
I can't say much here but I will refer to you this page:

and I think the above web-page will be relevant/beneficial here.

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