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Cot advice? Lock Rss

Hi All,
I wasn't sure where to post this one...

I was just wondering, does anyone have one of those cot/beds (you know where the front comes off and it becomes their first bed)? I was curious to know how long this bed lasted your toddler?

Basically, my 9 week old DS is in a cradle and my 17 month old DD is in a cot/bed. My DS is quickly growing out of his cradle and I am wondering if I am better to buy him another cot/bed or am I better to buy my DD her first little normal bed and put him into the cot/bed.

Any advice would be really appreciated.

Have a great day!

DS is still in his cot at 22 months, but we have got a toddler bed, which is the same size as a cot mattress, so i guess thats the same thing as a cot that converts to a toddler bed. DS is quite tall, so i think we will only have him in the toddler bed for a month or 2, just to get him used to being able to get in and out of it, before we graduate him onto the proper single bed. he looks huge in his cot at the moment, almost the full length when stretched out, its quite funny when i think of how little he used to look in it when he was new!!!

If it was me I was me and your DD isnt a restless sleeper I would buy her, her first real bed. They really arent in the toddler bed for all that long so its not really worth buying another cot if you think your DD will be ok in a bed.
sorry i should also add that we were given the toddler bed from DH's cousin's son, if we weren't given that we prob would just go straight from cot to bed with the safety rail. but if the cot you buy has the option to change it to a toddler bed then i think thats a good idea just to get them used to it.

incidentally, we have just bought a new cot for our second bub due in august, and it does have the rails to convert it, so we will be doing that.

Kids grow so quickly, so dont really see the point in having to buy another cot, and then two big beds later down the track. I would just get the big bed now. My DS was 17mths when he went into the big bed as i needed the cot for his sister
Thanks everyone for the advice! My daughter does roll around in her cot a lot - but good tip on the bed with a safety rail, hopefully that should contain her? smile

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