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Early Risers - Could there be a link between your toddler waking early and their night light? Lock Rss

I would love to hear from any one else who might have heard any thing about this theory or who may have accidentally stumbled across the same out come.

I was reading on a web site that mentioned there may be a link to early rising toddlers and their Melatonin Levels (note: I am no scientist or anything like that so I could be way off, but Im just a mum despertate to get her toddler to stop waking at 5am, interested in any thoughts).

The theory was that by having a night light in their room (white or yellow light) this depletes their levels in Melatonin needed to stay sleepy through the whole night.

My 2 year old daughter was a fantastic sleeper right from birth which we were so lucky about. When we were expecting number 2 we got her into a big bed a little earlier than we other wise would have. For fear that she would fall out we got her a night light. She never fell out, but she has really not been the same since (sleep wise).

I have been through all possibilities. She is definately not cold, he is well fed, has a great diet. Is not wet, not teething... All those factors that can cause them to wake early.

She is waking and is clearly not sleepy and ready for the day. We never bring her to our bed and have tried the consistent approach since the beginning to get her to go back to bed and back to sleep. She simply isn't tired. There has to be some explanation.

Last night the night light went. We bought her a torch that she could turn on if she woke up and wanted some light (the torch is a little tykes torch that turns itself off after a little while of them no longer playing with it).

Had a much better night sleep. She did wake at 5.15am like clock work (im convinced this was a habbit thing, but when put back to bed, she was sleepy and went straight back to sleep until 7.15am. It was great. Not sure, could have been a huge fluke, but Im willing to hold out hope it was the light thing. Will see what tonight brings. Fingers crossed.

Please any comments would be great. Hoping some one else has heard the same thing.

Again, im no expert and not trying to onvey that I have really any special knowledge about melatonin, only what I have read on the internet about it.


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thats interesting, I will test it tonight as our toddler has been doingt he same since changing his light to a brighter one
Interesting thought... I would wait and see for another week - it may work!

I can understand how desperately you want to chnage the sleep situation. My son has been an early riser for ages. We have been able to train him to wake at 5am - before that 4am was the standard. Sunlight, teeth, temperature - no explanation worked.

He is almost 2 1/2 years old now and two weeks ago I finally bought him his first night light (he never had one before). It is called the Kid'Sleep Clock and I have told him that mummy is only getting up when the sheep gets up. It has worked great. He now stays in his room and plays by himself until 5:30am. You could consider that solution if last niht was only a fluke...

Good luck!
Could be a fluke, not that I am trying to burst your bubble or anything. laugh

I have two early risers...PITA that! DS1 has had, and still does have a night light, but he can sleep later some mornings. DS2 has never really had one and it makes no difference to what time he wakes...since daylight savings ended this has been 4am most mornings!!!!!!! wacko blink blink blink DS2 did have about a month where he was going 7-7...but then, like most things with him, he stopped doing it and we can't work out what changed to make him go back to waking at ungodly hours.

Good luck though. smile

I'll give it a go too, I have nightlights for both of mine that burn all night long on their bedside tables, I'll do anything to see if it works, and get to sleep past 4.30am! I don't know how they sleep with this light glowing near their eyes, I'd hate it. But they will probably both wake up and want it on during the night, I've found if I've turned it off before they wake up crying for it. But I might say its broken, that often works!
DD1 and DS both have night lights and DD wakes up around 7am most mornings but DS wakes up between 5-6am and nothing I do will change it, I've tried everything. When we have power blackouts he screams the house down without his night light so I have not been game to try and take it away from him...but something to keep in mind when he is a little older and I can try and turn off the night light smile
DD2 wakes up between 4-5am but goes back to sleep until 7am so I don't get much sleep after 4am which is why I'm not taking away any night lights just yet!

ok, so DS1 (2 yrs) has been waking through the night and getting out of bed for about 2 months now, also has been waking at 5.30am every day and not going back to sleep no matter what I try. This all coincided with visitors in the house, a new baby and a new brighter night light. So we ditched the brighter night light and have one that you can barely see anything in the room. Done that for 2 nights now, and DS1 has woken during the night but only gotten out of bed once, the other times he had a little cry and went straight back to sleep, and he is back to sleeping until 8am!!! Joy of joys, the night light is GONE!!!!!
well our ds has never had a night light he wakes up around 5:30am every morning. And every few nights we have to go into him. we have tried everything to get him to sleep later but I have excepted the fact that he just loves the mornings lol
that is a pretty interesting theory and it seems a little far fetched. my daughter is 15 months old and has since birth had a night light and she goes to bed at 8.30pm every night and sleeps through until 9.00am or 9.30am every day and has two 2 hour naps during the day. every bub is different, it could be a hundred different reasons. interesting theory though. if taking away the night light works for you then thats great, theres nothing worse than being a zombie in the morning because bub wants to get up and play to early.
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