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Save our Sleep Toddler Lock Rss

Hi everyone! Wow just read Save our sleep Toddler by Tizzie Hall! I have had problems with DS2 sleeping since he came home from Hosp! So nearly 2years of Dr's appointments, sleep specialists, chiros, naturopaths and me going slowly insane from sleep deprevation! Last night tried Tizzies deep end approach! It worked! OMG he slept! Still have quite an uphill battle ahead of us but was curious to know if anyone else has had success! I feel so refreshed this is what its like to be normal!!
What did she say you needed to do?

What did she say you needed to do?

Heaps of different things! I changed his routine, where he sleeps, what he wears to bed, when he has his milk and his eating habits!
I wasn't sure if it was going to work, cause it is the 6th sleeping book i have read, so I borrowed it from the library! This was the first one that I felt we could do!I have bought it now as I keep refering back to it every few hours to make sure Im doing it right!
DH calls it my bible! Fingers crossed about to put DS2 down for his daytime sleep hope it goes as well as last night! I would recommend it to anyone having sleep issues with their toddlers!
There is a website for it as well not sure how to add links but its,hope this helps!
Hi, we read Save Our Sleep (not the toddler version - didn't know there was one) and used that when DS was 4 months and we tried to give up his dummy and it worked quite well but then he got sick just before he mastered settling without his dummy and we went back to square one. DS is now 18 months old and his sleeping is worse than ever. He was doing great, but then again, he got sick while I was visiting my parents and DH was at home, so DS slept with me every night so I could keep an eye on him. NOW, although he goes to sleep each night in his own bed, he is in with us at about 10.00pm. We try to settle him in his bed, but unless we are sitting next to him with our hand resting on him, he won;t have a bar of it. If we get up when we think he is finally settled, he rolls over and loses it. He still has a dummy which he only ever had in bed, but now he wants it all the time. He can now say dummy (well, its more like "da") so he just asks for his da all day every day and throws a tantrum until he gets one. I am thinking that it is time to lose the dummies and once he is totally better, try the deep-end approach that you mentioned. We are planning on trying for another baby soon and I would like DS to have no sleeping issues while I am pregnant so I can get as much sleep as possible...not to mention it being easy once the bub arrives.

Would love to hear how you went with the deep end approach and how long it took for your bub to be self settling and sleeping well through the night.

we used the save our sleep book (not the toddler one) on our ds when he was 3 months old. he is 2.8 months and have never had any issues with him sleepwise since.

i am very lucky that my friend gave me that book. certainly changed our lives for the better smile

good luck!
Yes, read it! And it is great. We read Tracey Hoggs book when DD was a few months old and I found that didn't work for us. We ended up going to Ngala (a Perth sleep clinic) and that helped tremendously.
So now that DD is a toddler (25 months) and a previously wonderful sleeper, I definately recommend Tizzie Halls book.

I have read it as well, but we did not have to use the deep end approach. We got it after a friend recommended it even though our daughter was a pretty good sleeper already as she was following the routines for her toddler. I started using the routines in the book about 3 weeks before I returned to work, right when my daughter turned 1. We had immediate success with them and found she was sleeping better than ever.

We let the new routine settle in for about a month after I returned to work and then we used the approach in the book to take her dummy away and she has now been dummy free for several months smile

I have also had sleeping troubles with my DD from birth, she is now 13 months old and until recently had only had a handful of full nights sleep. I bought the Save Our Sleep book months and months ago, along with another couple of sleep books, but didnt feel I was strong enough, or that I would know what to do if something didnt go according to the book (ie no-one to ask personally) so I didnt ever actually implement the whole plan from any book. I was slightly obsessed with them for a while and got so frustrated and upset when I couldnt get them to work on my baby. Anyway, almost a week ago, after a couple of terrible nights I decided I'd just have a read of Save our Sleep again and then a friend randomly said she'd recently used the deep end approach and had only had to get up 2 or 3 times in 4 months and that was when her DD was sick! That was it, that night I implemented the deep end approach and she fusssed for about 40 mins, and ended up going to sleep with me having been in the room for 10 mins, but she slept all night! And again the next night! And for the last couple she has woken during the night but cried out for less than 5 mins and put herself back to sleep each time! I feel so well rested and now I just wonder what I was so scared of?? It wasnt heart wrenching listening to her yell, and I'm so proud of her! I reccommend this book and the techniques it uses to anyone, and I'm going to try to use the routines from day one WHEN (no longer IF!) we have our next one! THANKS TIZZIE smile

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i have had this toddler book now for a few months and havent read it yet.
after seeing the replies i will read tonight.

my 2.8 year old son has never been a good sleeper. he will fall asleep ok but with in the hour is up every hour crying and wont resettle unless he is in bed with me. i have been sleeping in same bed as my son for quite a few months now. hubby has moved to the spare bed.
i am currently off work for another week and need to get this sorted.

we tried his toddler bed in our room and after he was asleep i put him in it. he woke up after an hour. i tried to put him back and he screamed for over an hour until hubby said he is too upset put him in bed with you. our son was not going to let up. he has never had a dummy and does not like comforters ie toys in his bed.

i am so frustrated i would like to share a bed with hubby and get my son to his own bed and eventually his own room.

any suggestions?

Well its been nearly three months now and all I can say is WOW! DS2 is a different child, within three nights of trying the deep end approach he was sleeping beautifully! Day time sleeps are sometimes a challenge, but he just usually lays down and talks to himself before he goes to sleep! He has had nights when he's been sick where I have had to get up to him once or twice but compared to before it was about six or more times, once or twice is nothing!
We even went away for 10 days, still slept like an angel! Once we were out for the day and I didn't think he would sleep, I popped his sleeping bag on put him in his pusher and he slept for two hours at one stage we walked past a construction sight and he didn't even move!(He has never slept in his pusher not even when he was tiny)
He is such a happy little boy, his vocabulary has trippled, he plays better with DS1 and has even had sleep over at his aunts who was always to scared to have him because of his bad sleeping!
I cannot recommend this book enough! Be strong and you just may have a new child on your hands!
In saying this he is still a 2yr old and is definatley in the terrible twos but I feel I have the strength to deal with it now I can sleep at night! grin
hi there,
what routine does she suggest for a 16 month old?
and then what does she say for 18 months?
what is the deep end approach? My DS is almost 15 months and was sleeping through really well but has recently starting waking during the night again just when I've gone back to work (only 2 days). I have recently cut his days sleeps back to just 1 sleep - which he normally has about 2 hrs. But tried to go back to 2 sleeps to see if that was why he was waking at night but it didn't work. I think he's teething too - but i still want to try to fix this sleeping problem before he gets into too much of a habit. Can anyone help??
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