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Moving to a "big girl bed" Lock Rss

I have a 15 month DD and I'm pregnant with number 2 due mid - late feb. We are wanting to move DD into a big girl bed early Dec which will make her just 18 months. We just want her to have a couple of months to adjust to it before her whole world changes and she has to share her life with a new baby. Baby will sleep in a bassinet in our room for a couple of months before moving into the cot in her room as we only have a 2 bedroom place at the mo. She is also having to give up being breastfeed as I had always planned to have her weaned off by 2 but as I will be feeding a new baby it doesnt seem fair to wean her off and the new baby still get feed. I dont want her to feel like baby is replacing her so want to have her completly off sooner rather than later. We are now down to 2 feeds, morning and night and are in the process of stopping the night feed which I am hoping we will have after my husband has his 5 day work break and can help out with night time.

Any thoughts or tips or just anything would be greatly appreciated. I think she will be fine but I dont think mum will be lol. She is growing to fast sad
Awww sad They grow incredibly fast don't they!!! I don't have any advice on the weaning - DS was long weaned before he moved to his bed. But, as for the bed we involved DS in everything & made it a very special thing. He changed rooms at the same time, so for the first few weeks we made his new room a special place with some of his favorite toys, etc. I played with him in there & just got him used to the room itself. DH & I bought his bed, but he helped daddy put it all together & we told him it was his "big boy" bed. We got him bunks, (which we haven't put the ladder up!) but while we were setting it up, he was allowed to play on the top bunk while we were in the room. He absolutely loved that. The bed was set up for a week or two, & I just kept encouraging DS to play in there. Eventually we had a day sleep, then another 1, then started at night!! It was such a novelty for DS at that stage that we never had a problem smile He asked once to sleep in his other bed (the toddler bed), but I just told him there were no dummies in there (he still has dummies for sleep). All his dummies were in his big boy bed. He never asked again!
Sorry, just realised how long winded that was! LOL Bottom line is, just get her involved, go slowly & make it really exciting & special for her smile

we moved DS1 into his big boy bed a couple of months before DS2 arrived. by the time DS2 was born DS1 was very settled in his big bed. so that is plenty of time to allow them to get used to the new bed.

we didn't use a toddler bed, we just went straight into a big bed with a safety rail.

we gave him a pillow in his cot for a few months before he moved into the bed, so that he would have something familiar to take with him.

he is obsessed with mickey mouse, so we got him a mickey mouse doona cover and pillow case, which he was very excited about, and made him want to use the new bed.

he helped us make the bed up the first time, so he felt involved in the process.

he was pretty good from the get go in regards to getting up once we put him down - it was a few days before he realised he could. then there were only a few times where he continually got up, the most was 7 times. we just put him back in each time, and he eventually got that it was bed time and he now never does that anymore.

i cant help much with the big boy bed thing, as my ds is 3and half and still in the cot converted to a toddler bed! he gets his big boy bed next week we had to order it but he came and chose it and was very excited, i dont thing there will be any issues with it at all, he has pirate sheets etc that he chose for it and asks if his big boy bed is built yet every night.

as for the weening perhaps let your dd choose a special cup or sippy cup that she can have a drink from before bed or while u read her a story etc instead of the BF before bed.

Thanks for your advice so far. We are going straight to a big girl bed instead of a toddler bed aswell as our cot converts to a toddler bed so wont need a toddler bed for number 2 and dont want to have to buy more beds lol. The bed we are looking at is nearly on the ground and is the style of one of the race car beds that have the sides on them but is a girls one with pretty butterflys on it. I dont know how she will got with helping set up the bed as she isnt quite walking yet but isnt far off it either so who knows by November. She also goes to bed with a dummy and climbed (well kinda feel) out of her cot tonight cause she dropped it on the floor and must have been trying to reach down for it. So daddy will be moving her down tomorrow. Funny thing is I didnt even think she was tall enough to fall or climb out but some how she did. She also has a music aquarium which she goes to bed with but doesnt need and a teddy. I think I will need to get her a pillow for something familiar aswell and her teddy.

Thank you all again
I haven't done it yet myself (my DS is 18mths old) but my sister had a little girl so she took her shopping and let her pick out her own linen for her fancy new big girl bed.

She was so excited she insisted on playing in the bed all day!
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