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AMAZING - Back in the cot!!! Lock Rss

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to share an experience that has changed our night time routine. We took the side off DS's cot to make it a toddler bed about 6 months ago (he just turned 2 last week). The past few months he has increasingly been harder to get to sleep because he would climb out of bed and come out to us with lots of tears and frustrations from myself and my husband. It would sometimes take DS up o 2 hours to finally get to sleep and daytime naps would only ever happen if we slept with him in our bed. DS would then wake up at any time between 10pm and 4am to walk into our room and sleep with us, resulting in us not getting much sleep!

ANYWAY...we moved house last week and decided to put the cot back together to see what would happen and, no joke, on the very first night, DS just went into his cot and fell asleep and didn't wake up all night. We are still in shock!!!!! We have now been here a week and the night times are now ours again. DS goes to bed at about 6.30, is asleep a minute later and wakes at about 5am (!!!!! still early but am not complaining too much now). DS's day sleeps are now exactly the same. He goes into his cot and says good night and falls alseep and wakes 2 hours later. BLISS!!!!!!!

Just wanted to let you all know as I am in absolute shock that something so simple has changed DS sleep problems!!!

my dd is 2 and 4 months and still in her cot with the sides on. ds was in it till he was 2 and a half. dd has just learnt to climb in, but hasnt climbed out im hoping i still have another few weeks, before she figures it out. ds never had any sleeping probs while he was in his cot, they started once we took the side off, and only got worse once he went into a bed. dd is a nightmare to get t sleep so im dreading taking the side off.

My DD turns 2 on the 26th and people keep asking when I'm going to put her in "a big girl's bed" I am not going to until I absolutely have to!! For a start we'd have to buy one, and we're a bit broke at the moment!! But why push her into being a big girl when she gets to be a little one for so short a time?!? I think cots are great smile
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