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Pillows for toddlers Rss

Myer sell some great toddler pillows.
If the pillow knows how to take the form of a body, you can choose any option. If not, it does not matter how the pillow is sewn, it should not be considered orthopedic. Many manufacturers make hard inserts in soft pillows, sew rollers to them to increase demand. Buying such bedding is like playing the lottery. If the size of the roller matches the length of your neck, sleeping on the pillow will do good. If not, it can hurt.
ross_544, I believe you might try a different one, as there are plenty of them:

But, actually, any flat pillow will do if you're ready. Me and my sis used one's from IKEA. Kind remind the name, unfortunately, but certainly it wasn't a memory foam one. But it's soft and hypoallergenic.

If you think that your bb is way too young for such pillows, you can try this: when DS was full of cold, I've put a pillow under the fitted sheet in his cot, just to raise his head up a bit so he can breath better. I believe there's no risk of him ending up under it or anything cos it's below the fitted sheet so he can't get to it.

Wish you luck! And stay safe, both of you.

upd: my mistake! I was mislead by the recent reply and haven't noticed that this quite an old topic.
So I'm really sorry to disturb you and/or mods in case that's prohibited. Once again, I had some troubles with posting, so maybe there are multiple versions were sent since I got an error.
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