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Daytime sleep Lock Rss

Any ideas on daytime naps? My 2 year old goes through phases of not wanting her lunch-time nap. She will happily play in her cot for 20 minutes but then the trouble begins. Most days she is soooo tired but refuses to sleep. I get frustrated but at the same time I can’t force her to sleep. If I put her in the car she is asleep before we get to the end of the street! She has just started daycare and I think that may be unsettling her a little bit but I also think she is playing games with me. Any ideas?

Lans, NSW baby girls 20/04/04 & 17/04/2007

Hi RJ, My son did exactly the same thing at 2 years old. He is now 28 months old and hasn't had a daytime sleep in about 7 months, unless it's a quick 1/2 hour nap in the car. I think It's just a faze that your daughter is going through. When my son was around 2, I would put him down for a sleep and he would toss and turn and refuse to settle for up to 1 hour so I just give in to him, however he would be really tired mid after noon, 3.30-4.30pm. He has now grown out of it and is able to stay awake until bedtime at 7-7.30pm without a daytime sleep.

Mum to Bub

Hi RJ,
I know the feeling my 28 month old thinks she doesn't need a nap anymore!!
At first it was a case of putting her down a little later (say 1-2pm) and that worked for a week or so. Now she sounds the same as yours. If I put her in the pram or car she'll sleep but apart from that she MIGHT go down every 3rd day or so. She too is in daycare - 2 days a week (but somehow has a nap at day care no-worries!!! I'd love to know their secret)

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