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Wakingduring night Lock Rss

My 22 month old has always been a relatively good sleeper, however he has usually woke for a bottle most nights. He would always resettle until morning. He just wants out of his cot and his room, he does't want his bottle he just wants out. I have tried controlled crying half heartedly i will admit because he gets so upset and i cannot stand it, although we have let him go for an hour at a time. He just won't settle until he is in the family room or on the lounge with his daddy, once he falls asleep my partner puts him on the flip out sofa and he seems happy their and stays asleep until the morning. I thought maybe trying him in a big bed, please has any one got any ideas, it seams that he just wants out of his room........

Trudy WA 22mths

Hi Trudy,
You admit to only half-heartedly trying controlled crying but I honestly think that even though it's heart breaking you should give it a solid go before you write it off. I understand how easy it is to just get him out of his room and onto the lounge but you are setting up a routine that will be harder to break the longer it goes on. Why don't you see your community nurse for some extra suggestions? I saw my nurse this week and she has said that habits take at least 2 weeks to change and another 2 weeks to reinforce the new routine.
I'm lucky that I had no real problem with my 25mth old until she started waking in the night just before my second child was born. It was an absolute killer getting up to her when I really needed my sleep so late in the pregnancy. When we brought the baby home it has taken 2 months to get her old sleeping through the night again which has been really painful as I spend so much time up during the night with my 3mth old.
Another suggestion would be Trisillian or Karitane as both have residential stays available.
I hope this helps,

Peta, NSW, mum of 2 gorgeous girls

Hi Trudy,

I have a 16mth girl and she too was a relatively good sleeper but around 9months on we had major sleeping problems. Pointing to the door not wanting to stay in her room. About a month ago I went back to my pediatrican and he went through my routine. All was okay except that she was so use to being with me that she was suffering from seperation anxiety and woke up wanting and needing me. I had to reinforce the control crying and we have much more success. As for the waking during the night we still have it and my ped said it is the hardest at this time and you do what is least interferring for everyone in the house (even if you have to stay until they are back asleep). I do the control crying thing during the day and when it is bed time. My ped also suggested not moving her into a bed until we have worked out the sleeping as it is harder to keep them in a bed, where a cot they can't get out.

Best wishes!

Nae, Qld, SAHM with DD 7yrs, DS 5yrs & DD 22mths

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